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Saturday, 25 December 2010


   The garden, with the Silver Birch in the center and the Hawthorn Bush right at the back. This garden as held some good birds in the past and in the 80's in the winter months, we used to get up to 25 Reed Buntings from nearby Trench Pool!

 While mum was cooking the Christmas dinner, I had a quick look in the garden. The highlights included 7 Goldfinches in the Silver Birch and 20+Wood Pigeons in the Hawthorn. Ok, that doesn't seem very interesting. However, when you consider that Wood Pigeons were never recorded in the area 6-7 years ago, then it is quite a record. The last Goldfinches that were in the garden was probably nearly 20 years ago when they bred in next doors Pair Tree. In the early 80's, this tree also held my first ever Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and it stayed in the garden for a good twenty minutes!
  Shrewsbury was the coldest place in the UK last night with a record -20! 

                           A few of the Wood Pigeons in the garden

                                   One of the Goldfinches in the garden

                                                   The moon tonight

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