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Thursday, 16 December 2010

3 WAXWINGS at Sallyport!

                                     Adult male WAXWING at Sallyport

              Two 1st winter WAXWINGS together at Sallyport Martin Goodey

 After doing a taxi first thing this morning, I went straight back to bed as I didn't feel so good. Mid-morning, Joe called me to say that there were 2 WAXWINGS at Sallyport! I was feeling a bit better, but I thought I would go later and have a look when I do a taxi from one of a houses two doors down from where the Waxwings are feeding. Just before 14.00, Ren called to say, there are now 3 WAXWINGS! Twenty minutes later, I was watching yesterdays 1st winter male. I met Robin just above the police station and he had an adult male feeding on Dog Rose berries. When we went to have a look, it was joined by a 1st winter female! She only stayed briefly, while the male stuck around for another ten minutes.
 It will be good to see if these birds increase, but there ain't many berries to go round.

1st winter female and an adult male WAXWING feeding on Dog Rose berries at Sallyport

                Adult male WAXWING at Sallyport

          Yesterdays 1st winter male WAXWING at Sallyport was still present


  1. Lovely shots Kris,JC is one of my heroes.

  2. Thanks John. Both Robin's and Martin's shots of the Waxwings are surperb. I've got lots of music heroes and JC is near the top. I very lucky to meet him and see him live with the Highwatmen.