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Friday, 2 September 2016

12th Temmink's Stint for Scilly

Early evening on the 30th August, Martin Smith was sitting in the Porth hellick hide when this juvenile Temmink's Stint dropped in.

  However, this morning, Seth text to say that there was a Buff-breasted Sandpiper near to the club house on the golf course. As usual the sandpiper was showing well, but the in the thick fog and drizzle, it didn't make observation so easy At 11.25, Martin Goodey let me know that the wader had flown off towards Tresco. It was early evening, while dropping guest off at the airport, that I observed the buffy flying towards the south turning circle and out of sight. I let everyone know and when the airport shut, I made my ways towards the turning circle and found it on the runway before performing at close range when it started to feed along the edge of the runway.

Juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpiper at the airfield

The Temmink's Stint was still present at Porth Hellick and during it's stay it's been commuting with the Big Pool, St Agnes.


While looking for the 2 Wryneck in Deep Point Quarry, two days ago, I came across this Pied Flycatcher. I managed to see one of the Wryneck very briefly. Another Wryneck was at Lower Moors and the bird was still at Green Farm. 

  On Bryher, the Icterine and Melodious Warbler and 2 Wryneck were still in the Popplestone area, 29th August. On the same day, there was a Wood Warbler on Tresco. On the 1st September, there was a Red-backed Shrike on St Martins.


For the first time on Scilly, The Red Arrows came to town and showed off for 22 minutes over The Roads in the overcast skies. The Red Arrows flying over HMS Echo

Sébastien Schuller (born 26 August 1970) is a French singer, songwriter and film score composer living in Philadelphia. His film scores include Toi et Moi , Notre univers impitoyableUn Jour d'ÉtéOne O One and High Society.

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