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Friday, 1 January 2016

Over 1400 Pintail at Edgerly

Smashed the Salop record of Pintail! Just in this picture there is 80+ Pintail out of the 1400 that were on the floods at Edgerly.  

This afternoon I had 3 Yellow-legged Gull including this 1st winter, with over 1500 large gulls at Telford Crematorium 

Left the crematorium, arrived at Prisorlee Lake to find a 3rd winter Caspian Gull with just 10 large gulls! It was only there for less than a minute.

The feral Lesser Canada Goose from last winter was still in the same field as the gulls at the Telford Crematorium. 

  Early yesterday afternoon, I made a visit to the Seven floods in the Edgely/Meverly area. Last time I was here was two years ago when myself and Jim Almond found a Brent Goose with 250+Pintail, 500+ Teal and 700+Wigeon. The floods were in front of me as I approached Hayes Farm. To my right I could see 100s and 100s of wildfowl. I walked at the back of the farm and looking over the floods, I tried to count the Pintail individually. It was made easy by all the ducks staying putt on the water. I had not even gone halfway through the flock and I was already on 500! When I came to the end of the flock, I had over 1000 birds!! There were other Pintail scattered around that I had not yet counted to my left. In the end I had smashed the Salop record with a total of 1400+Pintail!! there were more as I could only see a small percentage of the floods. Some 25 years ago I had over 500 birds in the same area, but I never thought that I would see over 1000 in Shropshire.
  Other totals included 400+Wigeon, 300+Teal, 60+shoveler, 22 Gooseander, 300+Greylag Geese, 42 Coot, 3 Tufted Duck and a single male Pochard. Also I flushed 61 Snipe nearby, a vocal Green Sandpiper flew over and over 800 Lesser-black backed Gulls were in the fields. When 2 male Peregrine came into view, I thought now this is going to be a sight. They came through a few times but all the ducks stayed on the deck.

Before hitting floods, I had this male Kestrel enjoying the morning sun at Berrington
The floods at Edgerly where some 2000+ ducks are hanging out. 

So many Pintail and not a shooter in sight

  Just two minute drive up road at Crew Green, I crossed the bridge over the Seven back into England and noticed a single gull, a field away from the road. I pulled to the side as the rain was starting to come down hard. From inside the car I had a look with my bins and thought this looks good for a Caspian Gull. I had took a few pics and it was in the air. Shite! I couldn't see where it went from inside the car and braved the weather. It returned just a little further up along the River Vrynwy and settled back down on the floods two fields away. Shite again! I was soaked to the bone and returned to the shelter of the car. Then it flew over the road in front of me and joined the Lesser-black backed Gulls that I could see ahead of me. I drove up to relocate it and immaterially found an adult Yellow-legged Gull, but no sign of the casp. I could hear Whooper Swan coming towards me. I looked behind and observed 2 adults following the River Vyrnwy down stream towards Melverly. It was getting dark and all the gulls, including the YLG, flew off west into Powys.
  It was only when I returned home that I looked at the pics and was not happy that it was a casp and reidentified it as a 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull. Shite again!!

Found this 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull on the floods, which at the time I thought was a Caspian Gull. 

Adult Yellow-legged Gull at Masebrook

2 adult whooper Swan over the River Vryrwy was the icing on the cake to end a cracking and my last day of birding in 2015!

Two days ago at Venus Pool, among the 10 Pintail and 50+Snipe of note, was this Greylag Goose with an orange neck collar with black letters, PSY. It also had a metal ring on it's right leg. I sent the info off and got a very quick reply from Kane Brides. The goose was ringed by Eleanor Stroud at Lake Windermere, Cumbria as an adult on the 27/6/15. 

Also had this Goldfinch and Great-spotted Woodpecker at Venus Pool

On boxing day I had this adult LBBGXHerring Gull at Prisorlee Lake.

On the same day, just up road at the Telford Crematorium there were 71 great-black backed, 800+Herring and 200 Lesser-black backed Gulls. 

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