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Friday 18 July 2014

Tell LEGO to Dump Shell

 The video Shell doesn't want you to see from Greenpeace on Youtube. Priceless Grand Prix moment  BREAKING: Our @Shell Grand Prix ceremony video has been banned from YouTube. So, we put it back up  Grab it while you can. And reupload it. Tell Shell what we think of #censorship"
Join the movement to

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome from Greenpeace on Youtube. This video reached over 3 million views on YouTube before it was censored.  Lord Business wants to control everything, but he can’t block free speech.  Tell LEGO to end its partnership with Shell and help Save the Arctic:  Creativity forever.

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  1. The new turncoat socialist 'eye candy' Minister for the Environment is a former Shell executive.....

    Laurie -