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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Adult female CITRINE WAGTAIL at Shooters Pool, Lower Moors found by Bob Dawson and Will Wagstaff



A cracking little bird performed really well at close range in front of the screen at shooters Pool. The 2 1st winters were also still present on Tresco Great Pool
One of the two 1st winter CITRINE WAGTAIL that Higgo found two days ago on the Great pool  Mad Max rowe  
On Sunday there was the annual 6 a-side football on the Garrison. I played for Daddy's United, sponsored by Scilly Fish, and as we were one of the underdogs, we did pretty well getting as far as the semi-finals out of eight teams!
Top team! The opposition, behind, were just coming out to start when this photo was taken
To be a top side the first thing you have to do is warm up looking like puffs. In our case, belly dancing. Our first game was against the Airport and Gibbo put us ahead with the only goal of the match. Good start!

Even MOTD were there to show the world our silky skills!

Our second game was taking on Tregarthen's and we beat them 2-0! Here Paul skins one of their players. He was told that if he played really well, then he could go on bouncy castle for free! I was told that if I played well, then I could go and work for Star Castle for nothin!
Tony and I were put in defence and we made sure that no one got past us
This harsh challenge got the player a yellow card 
As a result from that tackle, one of our players knocked out cold their goalie! Note that no ones coming to his aid. Not really, but he was out for a few seconds after a collision with one of our players and was taken off. Later he told us that he can't remember what happened. I told him that we scored two passed yeah!
He was swaying all over the shop! He got up only to fall down again
Celebrating the second goal in style

For some strange reason, now and then, Tony thought he was a silverback!
In our third game, we were up against one of the favourites, The Galley. However, Darren and Gibbo both scored with two of the best goals of the contest. Both were long range and powerful and left the keeper with no chance. I think the The Galley were kind of stunned when the second goal went in. Paul showing how it's done again 

Sam and I had enough of bloody football and decided to have a game of twister instead. I won!

While this guy thought he was in a diving contest 

Elle looking out from Deep Point

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