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Sunday, 6 November 2011



 Went down to Lower Moors this morning and while watching a YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER busy chasing a SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF around in front of me face (the sibe was very vocal) I heard a loud 'chak' to my right. I know what that is 'GREAT REED WARBLER!' I rushed out to find it still calling. I made out that it was coming from a large isolated Sallow, a few meters infront of me, in the middle of the reeds. It then flew into a smaller bush before flying off towards the hides. Both times I had crippling close flight views. Later Martin relocated it and managed to get some shots of it.
  Other highlights included here, another YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER and calling SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF, although there were 5 'tristis' types, Willow Warbler, 2 Swallow and small numbers of  Fieldfare, Redwing and Chaffinch flew overhead throughout the time that I was at Lower Moors.


The Willow Warbler was still in the same area where I saw it a few days ago

2 'tristis' types were feeding together, but I never heard them call

Over 20 Chiffchaff were also in the area

Another 'tristis' type was with 10+Chiffchaff at the Dump Clump
  It was time to get home and as I left the main road to enter the track towards Sunnyside, I scanned one of the fields. Suddenly, there was a bird calling in the pine I was standing under 'Yellowhammer!' But then there was this loud withdrawn whistle at the end. That's no Yellowhammer, and as it continued to call, I slowly started stepping out backwards, always ready to look at the top of the pine. Unfortunately, I flushed it and it made a short flight into some Elms and out of sight. All I got was a dark bunting, with white outer-tail feathers. I rang everyone up and descibed on the phone, or tried to, what I had just heard. Martin suggested Pine Bunting. I thought that it would sounded like Yellowhammer without the loud stridednt high pitched 'spee' or something like that, at the end. (My descripition of the whistle)
  I didn't know what to do? The bird was in the trees and I could try and look for it, but I was too afraid of scaring it away before everyone arrived. My daughter was waiting for me at home and because of this bunting, I was longer than I should of been. I thought I would go and get her and then return. While I was at home, I listened to a Pine Bunting recording and hell, it was spot on! It was a bloody PINE BUNTING!
  When we did all look for it, there was no sign of it. Shite! Although Pine Bunting has got a distictive call and on the flight views I had, it will never be accepted. And also, I really don't give a damn what anyone thinks about this record! I just hope it's pinned down tomorrow.

 Have a listen to the call of Pine Bunting.

Not many Wood Pigeon around today

Ostercatcher at Porthloo

Looking from Porthloo towards Bishop Rock this evening

Tell that long tongue liar - Who's in this video? Well everyone, almost.

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