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Sunday, 13 November 2011

LITTLE BUNTING at Content Farm

LITTLE BUNTING showing well in fields at Content Farm

  925, Higgo and I were at Porth Hellick in the strong SE at first light to look at an interesting Wigeon that we saw yesterday just before dark. That interesting duck turned out to be a Wigeon. The wind was blowing everything all over the shop and the only bird of interest was the Yellow-browed Warbler at Holy Vale.

 The only birds at Newford Duckpond were the Yellow-browed Warbler and the 2 'tristis' type Chiffchaff. Nearby in the fields there were 3 Black Redstart including a stonking male. 2 Firecrest were at Jac-a-bar with 3 Whimbrel at Bar Point. A cetacean was discovered yesterday washed up at Bar and was thought to be a possible porpoise. When I stubbled across it, I thought it was a Striped Dolphin.  However later, Ren seeing the photos thought it was something else and he is working on it with Paul Semmons.

Cracking male Black Redstart at Trenowth

2 Firecrest were at Jac-a-bar

2 'tristis' type Chiffchaff were Newford duckpond

Dead Dolphin sp washed up on Bar Any ideas?

  At 13.00 I was at Content searching through the fields. A male Merlin went through and put up 30+Meadow Pipit, 25+Chaffinch, 12 Linnet and 2 Brambling.  All the birds were in the air above me and one went 'tic' It had to be a LITTLE BUNTING, but when all the birds had settled back down in the field, I had no idea where it was. I carried on through the field and all the finches flew up into the Elms. A quick scan and there it was. I quickly got some footage in the poor light and called the guys. Everyone arrived and the bunting performed very well, calling at times, just in front of us with an imm/fem Black Redstart.


Imm/fem Black Redstart being blown all over the shop

Up to 2 Brambling were feeding with the bunting. The dull light didn't help the photography

Sam Clare, at the front, all the way from Staffs.

Looking very choppy at in The Roads

A great song by Jason Collett 'Somehow'


  1. I love the immature Black Redstart. Gorgeous shot.

  2. Thanks Tim. Like most of the superb photos on my blog, it was Martin Goodey who took the shot. Take a look at his website

  3. Hi Spider

    So that's where Sam was last Sunday, no wonder he wasn't at Blithfield!

    I do enjoy your blog by the way, keep up the good work. Pity we didn't manage to meet when I was on the Scillies last month, but I had a great time nonetheless. I did get chance to speak to St. Higgo though :o).

    Fancy exchanging blog links? :o)

    Cheers, Richard.

  4. Hi Richard, yes Sam he was trying to catch the waterthrush and the snipe. He got the latter, but no luck with the waterthrush. He should be aty Blithfield this Sunday.

    I've exchange your blog

    Take care