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Friday, 11 November 2011

DUSKY WARBLER at Porth Hellick

Chaz was shown this by a lady from the Saga group. Her friend gave her some photographs of  birds to look for while visiting Scilly.
If you google, what is a St? This is what first comes up.
 'A saint is higher than anyone else in the world. A saint is the real mountain climber' The only thing that Higgo climbs is the stairs to the bar at the Scillonian Club. 'A saint is also lower than anyone else in the world. As with water, he flows to the lowest places' Now that's funny. It goes on to say - 'We become saints not by thinking about it, and not (certainly) by writing about it, but simply by doing it' In Higgo's case, sorry, St Higgo, doing it is digging out a pool to attract American birds. I guess he's worthy of a saint. St Higgo, but his religion is birds and, and, oh what could it be? Oh yeh, transvestites and YMCA. I mean Wolvehampton Wanderers! How could I mix that one up?

  Just after 09.00 I was at Porth Hellick and it proved to be very quiet. As I returned to me wagon, approaching the crossroads, I heard a call to my right 'DUSKY WARBLER!' and there it was at the back of the Sallows on the otherside of the ditch. A bit of pishing and out came 2 Firecrest and with the dusky they all showed very well. However, I had to move on as I had a taxi to do. I called the guys and returning 45 minutes later with 925, there was Ren and Will Wagstaff. They had both seen it and after 30 minutes of me being there, it called once. An hour later, I moved off and did some more pishing. This time 4 Goldcrest, 7 Chiffchaff and mid-way up a Sallow, the Dusky Warbler. it showed very briefly and disappeared into the undergrowth, where I lost it. I also flushed 2 Woodcock. I had to go to the airport. Here there were a Swallow, male Black Redstart, 4 Skylark, 40+Fieldfare and a male Peregrine.

This Fieldfare was the only one to stay put when the helicopter came in.

Another one pretending to be a saint. Next thing he'll be doing is changing the water to wine. He'll then be a saint and best friend of St Higgo.

Later, I saw another Firecrest in Teds garden, garrison with 3 Woodcock kicked nearby and a call from Tony found me taking another look at the confiding 1st winter male Eider off the Lifeboat slip

A few days ago I found this Woodcock trapped in some chicken wire at the back of me house. It was sound and I let go. 

Full moon again tonight

No pics of the Dusky Warbler, but - 'Maybe Tomorrow' Stereophonics.

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