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Saturday, 19 November 2011

DUSKY WARBLER trapped at Porth Hellick

Up to a total of 3 DUSKY WARBLERS were seen today on St Mary's including this one that was ringed at Porth Hellick. How many others are hiding away on the other islands?

  I had a few minutes at Lower Moors just before work. Walking towards the Shooters Pool, I could hear a BULLFINCH calling! The light was crap, but there it was at the top of the Sallows. It was silhouetted and it was only when it made a short flight to another Sallow, that I caught some colour and thought that it might of been a male. This was only my sixth record and I had no credit to call anyone. Higgo came to rescue and made the contacts, but he was the only one who saw it after I left. I also got 2 Blackcap, 3 Chiffchaff, Brambling heard, and one of Yellow-browed Warblers called.
  Later Higgo told me that Jim had just trapped the DUSKY WARBLER at Porth Hellick. God, I was tired up with work, but the boss let me go, as long as I made it for the plane that was coming in 15 minutes time. Would I make it? Everyone were already present when I arrived and got to see the Dusky face to face, no twigs in the way this time, and I made it in good time for the plane. That's because it was 10 minutes late and while I was waiting, a Lapwing flew south.

This morning looking east from Porthloo

The only other sighting this year is one that Graham had on St Agnes over 3 weeks ago


You can also hear it call a few times.

  Later I got another call from Higgo to tell me that there were now 2 DUSKY WARBLERS at Lower Moors! That's 4 different birds in four days! It's more than likely been the best year for records in the British Isles, but has there ever been a record of this many Dusky Warblers together in the UK? There becoming like Yellow-browed Warblers over here.
  I was told I could have the afternoon off and went to Porth Hellick. At the time I was watching a Firecrest, after seeing 3 other birds at Higher Moors, Big Al called to say that himself and Tony had the DUSKY WARBLER calling just further up the path from where I was. As I approached to where they were, I found number 5 Firecrest, then I heard the Dusky Warbler nearby. With 2 discovered at Lower Moors earlier on, who's to say that this could be a different bird to the one that was trapped this morning. It was right next to me, calling on and off, but could I see the bloody thing. All I wanted to see was it's legs, however, the only sighting I got, was it flying away from me. In the same area, there were also the 2 Siberian Chiffchaff, the Yellow-browed Warbler and over 20 Chiffchaff.
  At the quay, there were 2 Black Redstart, including the male, with another 3 at Porthllo. Just after 16.00, I was at Newford Duckpond watching 4 Goldcrest, 10+Chiffchaff and the 2 Yellow-browed Warbler. .

There were up to 5 Firecrest between Porth Hellick and Higher Moors

I also I had this Red Admiral and 2 Silver Y Moths at Content, where there was also a male Stonechat and at Star Castle, a Rusty-dot Pearl

Dave Grohl leading the Foo Fighters with 'Over and Out' My daughter and I played this over two years ago in the Old Town Inn.

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