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Friday, 4 November 2011


I saw up to 6 YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER today, including this one at Rose Hill

  I could hear the YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER from me garden first thing this morning. This was quickly followed by the one in Teds garden on the Garrison. It turned out to be a very pleasant day and a visit to Newford Duckpond found the SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF and YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER and 8-10 Chiffchaff still present.



Martin sat for about an hour at the edge of the Newford Duckpond near where the bench used to be. There were about 8 Colybita type Chiffchaffs feeding in the sallows there. When he played a recording of Siberian Chiffchaff calls there was no reaction at all. He then moved to the other end near the farm shop. Here there were no Chiffs obvious. He played the tape and immediately these two abpove appeared and fed for quite a while. He also thought he heard one call but would not sware to it. They were at times joined by a the Yellow browed Warbler.

Probable SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF at Newford Duckpond

A few Meadow Pipit were around the island

2 Siskin were at Trenowth

  Three days of going missing, after it was ringed at Porth Hellick, 12,20 today, Will Scott relocated the GREAT REED WARBLER between the two hides at Lower Moors! It was not until 14.00, that 925 and I arrived to have a look for it. 925 went to the Hilda Quick Hide and made my way to the ISBG Hide. At the latter hide, there were 2 juvenile Little Egret. This is first time that I've ever seen egrets on the pool. However, this was all forgotten as 925 had seen the Great Reed Warbler next to the other hide. When I got there, there was no sign of it. I saw Ivan Laken on the main path and beckoned him over. As I did, a text came through from Ivan saying that he just had a PALLAS'S WARBLER just around the corner from where we were. I had to be at work at 15.00 and the next half an hour was spent waiting for this damn warbler to pop up. While waiting, at the same time, Ivan and I shouted 'SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF' Then it called again. It was behind us in the Sallows showing very well and continued calling. How many are there really on Scilly? While listening to the Sibe, we could hear single YELLOW-BROWED WARBLERS coming from the Black and White Wood and the Dump Clump.
  I had 10 minutes left and we all decided to go and see if the second WILSON'S SNIPE of the autunm was showing from the ISBG Hide. It was directly underneath us, feeding with a single Snipe. A few shots were blasted and then then both of them flew over and disappeared into the vegetation on the flooded island.


However, after studying photographs this evening with the bird present from the 15th September, it has come to the conclusion that this bird is the same Wilson's Snipe

Later in the evening, I saw my sixth YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER of the day at Rose Hill.

  Jim trapped a single Willow and a late Reed Warbler at Porth Hellick this morning. The DUSKY WARBLER was still at Lower Moors and on St Agnes, the CENTRAL ASIAN LESSER WHITETHROAT was on Periglis.

One of Elbow's best songs 'Fugitive Motel'

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