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Thursday, 27 October 2011

RED-EYED VIREO at Tremelethen

The third RED-EYED VIREO this autumn Will Scot

  It was overcast with light rain at first light and I was standing by the side of Newford Duckpond listening to Redwings going over. I was joined by Nit and Ralph and a closer look in the bushes found 3 YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER feeding together with 7-8 Chiffchaff.

Up to 3 YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER were at Newford Duckpond

This immature Grey Heron was in the field opposite to the duckpond

  By late morning the sun had come out and there was a Lapwing in the field next to where I work. At Rose Hill I was listening to another YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER with 5 Chiffchaff and nearby at Porthloo there were 3 White and 5 Pied Wagtail and the 2 Black Redstart.

Lapwing at the Garrison

There were 3 White Wagtail at Porthloo

And 2 Black Redstart

This Fieldfare was being blown all over the shop by the NNE. There were also the 5 Skylark in the same field at Green Farm.

  Just before 17.00, I was just leaving the airport, when Steve Hall came on the Radio to say that there was a RED-EYED VIREO at Porth Hellick House! The third one of the autumn and I was seconds away from where it was. In the ten minutes that I was there looking, I did not see it, but returning 45 minutes later, there werre 40+ birders on the road and I managed to see it briefly in the Pittosporum Hedge in the Trethallan Farm fields just off Carn Friars Lane. Jamie, the finder of the vireo, saved the day and hopefully it will show a lot better for everyone tomorrow.

RED-EYED VERIO in the Pittosporum Hedge Will Scot

A crowd shot and there will be a pic of the vireo later. The Northern Waterthrush and Dusky Warbler were still present on St Mary's and the Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat was still showing very well on St Agnes, but no sign of both the Radde's Warbler or Bluethroat on the same island.

A slow melancholy moody song by a great and intelligent singer Sam Phillips

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