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Monday, 17 October 2011


BONELLI'S WARBLER SP seen briefly at Content

  At 08.00 it came on the radio that the 3 BLACK KITES were already on the wing over Pelistry. It was not until they were over Harry's Wall that I managed to see them from work. Ten minutes later I was at the airport and from here, I watched them slowly fly across, on occasions just above the trees, from Porthloo towards Penninis. After this I saw them on and off during the rest of the morning, until they flew over me garden heading NW. Later they were seen over Tresco. One of the kites departed from the other two and returned to St Mary's and at 17.30, it flew over me house at tree hight. Later it came out that a Black Kite was seen at Drift, Cornwall, also at 17.30. This is the area where all 3 kites seemed to spend most of thier time while they were there. So where's this one come from?

Martin Goodey

All 3 BLACK KITES were all over the shop over St Mary's

  It came out on the radio that the WILSON'S SNIPE was showing in front of the ISBG hide. As I had a few minutes, I thought that I would go and have a look at Kevin's Rylands and Ivan's Lakin bird that they found over a month ago, 15th September. It stuck out like a sore thumb when feeding side to side with 2 Snipe.

This is only the third time that I've seen this WILSON'S SNIPE in the month that it has been commuting with Porth Hellick and Lower Moors.

You can hear Hugh Polsford giving some features away to why this is a Wilson's Snipe

  Just after 13.00, I thought that I would go and kick the fields around Content. I only got to look at one field because feeding with 10+Chiffchaff, 2 Goldcrest, 1 Willow Warbler and 1 SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF, was a BONELLI'S WARBLER! But which bloody one? I had to hear it call. It was in the very same trees where I found a Bonelli's two years ago, almost to the day! Todays bird, I caught a glimpse of in the tops of the trees, got some shots, and then it disappeared into the back. I waited, pished, waited some more and then thought, I need help. It was on private land and I had to call the locals. Martin,  Ren, Ritchie, Tony and Bryan arrived shortly afterwards, but I had to get to work and left them to it. I returned nearly two hours later and there had been no sign of it. Everyone left and were replaced by Will and Higgo. It was not seen again and if theres no sign of it tomorrow, then it's another Bonelli's Warbler that escaped me and goes down as Bonelli's Warbler sp?  It was decided to put the news out as, Bonelli's on land with no general access. When I saw any birders after this, I told them, unless it started feeding at Content Lane, then I don't think there's any chance of seeing it.
  In the Collin's guide it says that Eastern Bonelli's shows dark lores. Looking at the pics, this bird appears to show pale lores and maybe points towards Western. However, we really need to hear it call.



There were 10+ Chiffchaff and 2 Goldcrest at Content

  From southern Europe, Martin had trapped the 3rd Scilly GOLDEN TWIN-SPOT overnight in his garden, Holy Vale and it was on display at the Diary. Also here, was my second CRIMSON SPECKLED FOOTMAN of the year. This one was trapped overnight in Mick's garden, Longstones.



Gomez with 'Whippin Piccadilly'

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