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Sunday 4 June 2017

Red-footed Falcon moves to St Martins

1st summer male Red-footed Falcon relocated by Doug Wright at Bread and Cheese Pickled Onion Sandwich Bay, St Martins on the 30th May

  Two days ago, Ren and I made our ways up to Deep Point in the early evening to twitch Bob Dawsons Short-toed Lark that he came across on the short turf. Here we joined Robin and Martin and we found that the lark proved to be very flighty. We did get it on the deck very briefly before it flew off. While we were searching for it, I kicked a Quail from below my feet and shouted to the others who managed to see it before it disappeared over behind the headland. We also had a female Cuckoo.

  On the 30th May, the Red-rumped Swallow that was first seen on Bryher, 27th before moving to Tresco for the next two days was relocated in the evening at Porth Hellick. Here I caught up with it briefly at the crossroads. It had gone 21.00 and Martin and I decided to go and if we could see the 2 Night Heron that was seen earlier in the pool area. We didn't have to wait long as the 2nd summer came in followed by the adult. Both birds were still present yesterday in the same area.

  Also on the 30th, Doug Wright relocated the 1st summer Red-footed Falcon at Bread and Cheese Pickled Onion Cove, St Martins!

Bob 'Dazzler' Dawson found this Short-toed Lark at Deep Point. The second he's found this year! 

Bob Dawson also trapped this Private Hawkmoth 

Male Stonechat


Peter Kirkham, a former senior officer with MET police has states repeatedly that Theresa May is lying about how many armed police units there are, after 7 years of cuts. He said the armed response to Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge was fantastic, but you would not see that type of response elsewhere in the country and cover is threadbare. 

MILLIONAIRE AMBER RUDD, WITH HER TAX HAVENS, YESTERDAY SUCCESSFULLY ASKED THE CHAIR TO INTERVENE AT A HUSTINGS IN RYE TO SILENCE AN OPPOSING CANDIDATE, WILSON,  FOR EXPOSING HER AND MAYS HUSBAND AND HSBC TO THEIR LINKS TO 'TERRORIST FUNDERS' SAUDI ARABIA! If you don't know already, we did a 3 billion arms deal with the Saudi's. These weapons are then used to blow up 1000s of children in Yemen. Also, these weapons are passed on to ISIS! This is what the gentleman was pointing out telling the crowd in the hall that this is contributing to the attacks  in the UK! However, Rudd was having none of it and with the help of the chair, was interrupted and told to stop to the disappointment of the crowd who asked for him to continue telling the truth about the Tory Party and your high street banks.  

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