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Friday, 20 October 2017


Unfortunately most of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo that arrive on Scilly are found moribund like this one on St Agnes today that was blown in with Storm Brian. Pic taken by 'Rocky' Robin Mawer

 First thing this morning I met Steve Williams and family off the plane before they moved on to St Agnes for their ten day stay. Nearly an hour later, Steve called me from St Agnes to tell me that he had just come off boat from St Mary's when Martin Finch (Orphean Warbler main man with the Wright brothers) was beckoning him over with his arms to show him that he had just found a YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO!! It was in bad shape but still got it's eyes open on the lawn of Grinlinton Farmhouse!! I had to work but immediately relayed the news out on the radio so every birder on St Mary's could make it time for the 10.15 boat.
  As almost every birder on Scilly were on St Agnes a Marsh Warbler was at the Fruit Cage, a Northern Willow Warbler at Lowertown Farm, the Little Bunting was giving crippling Views at Porth Killier and the ORPHEAN WARBLER sp was relocated in the same hedge from the lane between Coast Guard Cottage and the church. Later this afternoon, it is believed that the cuckoo was taken into care.

  So, St Agnes this autumn does it again with now Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Ophean Warbler sp, Cedar Waxwing, 2 Red-eyed Vireo and now Yellow-billed Cuckoo!!

In 1985, up to 4 Yellow-billed Cuckoo turned up on Scilly and included a single Black-billed Cuckoo! All pics by 'Rocky' Robin Mawer.

This warbler was found by Anna Hughes in the Fruit Cage. However, it was only later when Graham Gordon looked at the images on the back of Micheal Johnson's camera that he identified it as a Marsh Warbler

  Back on St Mary's of note I had a Pied Flycatcher and Merlin at work and a single Brambling was at Rose Hill.. Elsewhere on St Mary's, the American Golden Plover was at Porth Hellick and the Corncrake was at Carn Legh.

Pied Flycatcher at Star Castle

Pied Wagtails

Rock Pipit

While searching for the possible Siberian Oystercatcher at Porthloo I came across this individual showing brown upperparts! 

And for comparison is the possible Siberian Oystercatcher from yesterday that I took. Note that there is more white in the wing and the brown extends onto the wing coverts. Also the bill is a deeper orange and appears slightly longer and narrow at the base. 

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