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Friday, 6 October 2017


With less than 10 records of VAGRANT EMPEROR on Scilly and maybe some 20+ in the UK, many birders were keen to add the two dragonflies from sub-Saharan Africa on their list at Sunnyside yesterday! Photo taken Martin Goodey

  Yesterday, Will Scott found his forth VAGRANT EMPEROR for Scilly in weedy fields at Sunnyside. It was an hour later when I arrived and I could see the dragonfly hawking up and down the length of the field in the warm sunshine. I didn't have much time and when I left, Martin Goodey went and discovered another individual in nearby fields!! What are the chances of that happening? Later on one of the dragonflies moved into another weedy field and as a result Roger Stansfield located a Common Rosefinch feeding on the Fathen.
  Throughout the day while doin taxis to the airport I got to see the CLIFF SWALLOW over the car park feeding with a handful of Swallow and House Martin. However, it always stayed most of the time high in the air and proved very mobile. Easier to see was the ISABELINE WHEATEAR near to the fire engines on the north end of the airfield.

  I have a look through others birders optics when viewing the wheatear. I asked one birder if he was looking at the Issy through his scope? He replied 'Have a look at the scope if you want' Ok, I thought and had a good look at his super duper scope from all angles except, what I really wanted to do was look through it. He was obviously very proud of his scope and maybe he doesn't like other birders looking through it. So not to upset him and if I played my cards right, I could be in with a chance of looking through the damn thing and I told him 'Yes, it's very good!'' Then I thought, I've got to be brave ere and took a deep breathe 'Can I have look through it now?'

  Got the pale-bellied Brent Geese at Porth Mellon and the Spotted Crake was still showing well in the flooded area off the boardwalk near to the Hilda Quick hide at Lower Moors. I only had ten minutes before I had to play football just around the corner. It payed off as the crake showed well at close range in front of a small crowd.

This is now my forth CLIFF SWALLOW I've seen on Scilly!

Mark Rayment captures the swallow superbly Many times the swallow flew over the head of the Issy Wheatear!


Up to 5 Northern Wheatear were also present

The second Common Rosefinch of the autumn was at Sunnyside found by Roger Stansfield who also took this pic 

   Today the ISABELLINE WHEATEAR and CLIFF SWALLOW were still at the airport. The swallow proving very hard to connect with. The Spotted Crake was at Lower Moors and only one of the VAGRANT EMPEROR were still at Sunnyside with another observed on Tresco. On St Agnes, the CEDAR WAXWING was still proving popular and there were 2 Yellow-browed Warbler. In fact there was an increase in Yellow-browed Warblers and Firecrset on all islands today including 6 of the former species on Bryher. Hawfinch were both on St Agnes and Mary's and the 3 Bee-eater were on St Martins.

Hawfinch taken by Jamie Partridge on St Agnes

  Here are some cracking shots taken by of the Cedar Waxwing now favouring St Wana's Cove area on St Agnes. Also, the stunning sky this evening that I took from the airfield

The day we all twitched for Will Wagstaff's Cedar Waxwing with from left to right, 'Rocky' Robin, Higgo, some Spurn fella, Micky Turton, Richard Wall, James Lidster is holding a disc for recording that Higgo is still trying to work out what the hell it is, Debbie, Rob Lambert and Will Scott. The two back on are Justin and Ian.

By the look on Higgo's face, he's still trying to work out what the hell it was that James Lidster was holding in between his legs!

This evening from the airfield

Another great band under the radar! Devics (stylized as DĂ©vics) is an indie rock band from Los AngelesCalifornia consisting of Sara LovDustin O'Halloran, Ed Maxwell, Theodore Liscinski, and Evan Schnabel. Their music can be described as melancholic.
In 2008, Devics covered The Cure's "Catch" for the American Laundromat Records produced compilation Just Like Heaven - a tribute to The Cure. It was recorded by Pall Jenkins of the Black Heart Procession and included performances by Scott Mercado, Jimmy LaValle, Pall Jenkins as well as Dustin O'Halloran and Sara Lov.
The song "Key" is performed by the band in the bar called The Bronze in Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the fifth season, in an episode titled "Crush". As with all of the songs played by bands within the show, "Key" relates to the theme/focus of the episode. In this case, the song's lyrics relate to the character Spike's struggle to overcome the pain of being a true vampire, which is caused by a chip implanted in his brain by a government agency.

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