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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

2 Dusky Warbler at Lower Moors

Three days ago we relocated Higgo's Dusky Warbler at Shooters Pool, thanks to Dave Abbott, and some thirty minutes later Graham Gordon went and found one of his own just a five minute walk up road at Standing Stones Field where I took this photo today.

  Woke up to another day of fog! I worked for two hours this morning and then both Graham and I made our ways to Porth Hellick where we split up. As Graham is a Liverpool fan, we were at each others throats after Spurs thrashing Liverpool 4-1 on Sunday!!!
  Already Graham had a Hawfinch and Redwing over the Garrison. We did go our own ways and Graham tried out Higher Moors and got a Lesser Whitethroat,Yellow-browed Warbler and flyover Hawfinch. I did Porth Hellick and it was pretty good with Northern 'type' Willow Warbler, 2 Yellow-browed Warbler, 2 Firecrest, 15+Chiffchaff, 4 Redwing and single Reed Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher. I didn't get as far as the pool as I had to get back to work.

  Just before 13.00 we were back together again kicking the Standing Stones Field. There was not much goin on until we heard Graham's Dusky Warbler that he found three days ago in the south hedge of the field. We only saw it briefly on that day but today it showed off in the Sallows to the NE end for a good ten minutes at close range. A Willow Warbler was also in the same Sallows and we got a CRIMSON SPECKLED MOTH! My second in a week!
  We decided to do the Pelestry area but it was not until an hour later that we got any bird of note in the shape of Little Bunting that we flushed. It was in a weedy field with 20+Linnet and Goldfinch. Over 25 Siskin were also in the area and a Black Redstart was at the farm. A Great Northern Diver was off Watermill and at Maypole there were 3 Hawfinch and single Redwing and Sparrowhawk.

A chunky pale Northern 'type' Willow Warbler was sharing the same Sallows as a Reed Warbler
                                                                        at Porth Hellick

We had 3 Yellow-browed Warbler from Higher Moors to Porth Hellick

The Dusky Warbler at Standing Stones Field has been raging as far as Carn Gwarvel. Higgo's Dusky Warbler at Shooters was still showing on and off at Shooters Pool also today.

Graham and I found this cracking Little Bunting at Pelestry.

Up to 20 Goldfinch were in the same weedy field as the bunting

Male Siskin


Just 3 Hawfinch at Maypole left over from the 30+ that were here over a week ago!

Overnight Will Scott tramped an impressive 400 Vestels in his Longstones garden!! All we could find was this individual at Maypole. 

This Bluethroat was found by Kevin Rylands on the west of Samson Hill today on Bryher wherre there was also a Yellow-browed Warbler Photo taken by Steve Brayshaw.

This Long-eared Owl was showing superbly out in the open at the Fruit Cage, St Agnes. Also on the island there were 4 Yellow-browed Warbler, single Hawfinch and Redstart and 4 Swallow. At Porth Killier, Graham Gordon's Little Bunting was also showing well. A new Common Rosefinch was on Gugh.Cracking pic of the owl by Martin Goodey Check out his website

  Three days ago on Sunday the 22nd, Graham and I spent a lot of birding together and it turned out to be a cracker of a day! I walked out of my digs and Storm Brian had moved on overnight leaving a breezy but pleasant day. I heard a Firecrest followed by a Willow Warbler by the Star Castle entrance. At Rose Hill I got 9 Chiffchaff and a single Blackcap and Yellow-browed Warbler.
  I got a text from Dave Abbott about a warbler tacking by shooters pool. I called Graham, who was watching a Yellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest at the Dump Clump, and told him that it sounds like Dave has relocated Higgo's Dusky Warbler that higgo only heard three days ago by Shooters Pool! Birders were on the track, passing by and as we approached the Shooters Pool, at the same time we both heard a Dusky Warbler call once to our left. We whistle Dave over and after ten minutes it showed very briefly with 2 Firecrest. It was still vocal and showed better when a small crowed gathered but I had to return to work. I returned and suggested to Graham that we should try Standing Stones Field. We got out of the wagon at Trench Lane and the first bird we see is a Northern 'type' Willow Warbler. At the gate of the field there is a concentration of 6 Chiffchaff and a single Willow and Yellow-browed Warbler. Then Graham thinks he can hear a Dusky Warbler in the field behind us. It called again and we pinned it down low in the south hedge that borders the Standing Stones Field! This was no doubt a different bird to the individual nearby at Shooters Pool and this was confirmed when we were told that the Shooters bird was still present. Again a small crowd appeared and again we moved on.

This Yellow-browed Warbler was out in the sun at Rose Hill

Another chunky Northern 'type' Willow Warbler this time at Trench Lane

    At Content there were a single Firecrest, Whinchat, Blackcap and a male Hawfinch. We did the fields at Trenowth and got at least 5 Firecrest and 7 Chiffchaff. At Higher Moors the only birds of note was 1 Firecrest, the Siberian Chiffchaff and our first Fieldfare of the year.



Including this one at Higher Moors, in total we had 10 Firecrest

Oh! How did that slip in there? Anyways, it's Kane scoring against Liverpool to win 4-1! 4-1 4-1 4-14-1 4-1 4-1 4-1 4-1 4-1 4-1-4-1 4-1 Oh dear me, my finger got carried away a little there. 4-1

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