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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

3 Hawfinch at Green Farm

This ISABELLINE WHEATEAR has now been present on the airfield for 12 days now!

 At Rose Hill I got a single Spotted Flycatcher and Yellow-browed Warbler, 2 Blackcap, 5 Chiffchaff and my first Redwing of the autumn. There was no sign of the Cedar Waxwing on St Agnes so I thought I'll try Green Farm where there are Hawthorns full of berries. On Sunday I had a single Hawfinch here and the following day someone had two! No sign of the waxwing but I observed now 3 Hawfinch flying around in the area! At the same time while birders were on the Hawfinch, two more came on the radio over the Standing Stones field and a single was also on Tresco. A single was still on St Agnes. I returned to work and then made my ways up to the airfield just before dark. There were 3 Northern Wheatear at the south end and the north end was the ISABELLINE WHEATEAR showing at very close range in the fading light.
 While I was on the airfield, James Lidster was on a probable WILSON'S SNIPE at Porth Hellick!

A very heavily cropped shot of one of the 3 Hawfinch at Green Farm 

The last photo of the ISABELINE WHEATEAR was taken in the fading light

And look at Dave! She is still popular with the guests at the hotel and that red line across her face is spagg bol she got down her neck that I had just fed her

  Two days ago, on Sunday, there were more Blackbird, Goldcrest, Meadow Pipit and Linnet and I had 3 Firecrest at Green Farm with a single Hawfinch feeding in the Hawthorns. At Maypole I had 11 Stock Dove and single a Yellow-browed Warbler with another of the latter species also at Content Lane. A Spotted Flycatcher was at Holy Vale.

Pishing pushed this puffball out and what a puffball it is!

I had up to 140 Meadow Pipit including a flock of 60 at Trewince and 80 on the Garrison

At Green Farm there were over 60 Goldfinch and 120 Linnet in a weedy field

Male Blackcap

Down on Maypole Farm

Sunset from Sunday

I was trying to work out for the life of me, where have I seen that expression that Higgo shows on his face in this pic I took on the Cedar Waxwing twitch. Then it hit me today! Father Brennon getting kicked up the ass by Father Ted. It' spot on but I don't think anyone dared to kick Higgo's ass!

Higgo or Father Brennan??

And here is that clip off Father Ted

What isn't so funny was Theresa May coping word from word from the actor Martin Sheen on, get this, 'The West Wing!!!!' During her speech at The Conservative Party Conference last week! You might not of seen this because the BBC didn't show it!! They showed everything else that went wrong, but not this. Oh, they also didn't show you how many policies she stole from Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party. Funny that don't you think!? 

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