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Thursday, 26 October 2017

10th Surf Scoter for Scilly

Mid-morning Ritchie Aston and Tony Gilbert found this SURF SCOTER at Porthloo. in line with the yanks, Shortly afterwards, Vicky Turner went and discovered the 29th GREY-CHEEKED THRUSH for Scilly on St Martins! 

  I was brushing my teeth to a grey morning outside me digs and I could hear Redwing overhead followed by 2 Hawfinch going SW. Just after 10.30 I got a call from Ritchie Aston telling me that him and Tony Gilberty thought they've got a Velvet Scoter at Porthloo. I arrived to find 'Rocky' Robin already there and the scoter swimming away. Put me bins up 'SURF SCOTER!' ideal! Within only a few minutes of being there it flew off towards Bryher! Tony Blunden pulled up on his bike and told us that he had up country 200 Redwing and at Telegraph a ring-tailed harrier! I made my ways up to Trewince and from the road I spotted a very distant harrier! It was 100 mile away and made it's way towards Longstones where I lost it. There was also a Whinchat in the fields nearby and 100s of Chaffinch were streaming through high overhead in large numbers with Brambling heard now and then. Siskin were also moving through with 6 Skylark.

I had only been at Porthloo for a few minutes before the SURF SCOTER flew off towards Bryher

Chaffinches were dropping out of the sky 

The largest flock of Chaffinch was 200+with birds constantly moving from WSW to SSE direction. In the afternoon some 4000 Chaffinch were observed by other birders from Porth Hellick flying out to sea with 2 Hawfinch! Over a 1000 were also seen on St Agnes, Bryher and st Martins.

Good number of Siskin were also moving through with the chaffinch

Firecrest at Lower Moors. No sign of the Dusky Warbler at Standing Stones Field but the Shooters Pool bird was still present.

The Northern 'type' Willow Warbler was still at Trench Lane end of Lower Moors where I also heard 2 vocal Yellow-browed Warbler

2 Snipe eyeing up each other at Lower Moors. The WILSON'S SNIPE was seen this evening at Porth Hellick by other observers.

In the afternoon John Headon had relocated the Surf Scoter in Porthcressa Bay where it showed just off shore for five minutes before flying off back to the Tresco Channel where it was seen shortly afterwards.

  The Pelistry Little Bunting was still present with a new bird also at Kittydown before moving on with the Chaffinch. Another bunting sp was heard over Green Lane with Chaffinch. An Red-breasted Flycatcher was at Parting Carn and a Melodious Warbler was at Sandy Lane.

Ramble Jon Krohn[3] (born May 27, 1976),[4] better known by his stage name RJD2, is an American musician based in Columbus, Ohio.[5] He is owner of record label RJ's Electrical Connections.[6] He has been member of groups such as Soul Position,[7] MHz Legacy,[8] and Icebird.[9]

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