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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Snorkeling with the fish!

Morning sun over the beach at Cahuta National Park

  I was awoken by Howler Monkeys first thing this morning and at 08.30, with others from the hostel, I was in a small boat half a mile out at sea. For $20, you could go snorkeling with the fish and anything else you might see, for two hours! All the equipment was provided and immediately on entering the warm Caribbean Sea, there just in front and below me, were shoals of 100's of fish! I couldn't tell you what they were and I didn't care what species they were. One of the reasons why I couldn't tell you, is because the guide didn't have a clue either! Shouting from the boat 'There's big blue ones over here' and 'Small green ones over here' Well at least he was letting us know that he knew his colours and which direction to go if we wanted to see the colours. This was an amazing experience, as I found myself floating just above the reef with all colours darting all over the shop. I had no idea that they would be this close and expected them to scatter as I approached them. I could of touched all of them! It was just like you see in the documentaries of when a diver goes to look at the sea life deep below. With your head down, swimming effortlessly, the current moved you closer and closer to the near shore and it was only when you lifted your self up that you realised how far and quick you had moved from the boat. The water was maybe three meters deep in parts and therefore you could see every nook and cranny in the rocks. I also managed to see a large lobster hiding in a hole in the reef, a spotted Conger Eel and found by another group and the highlight, a Nurse Shark on the sea floor! Missed out on two turtles though. Back on the boat and a single Eagle Ray was spotted on the surface of the water.

The boat that took us all out to the reef and the guide who lets everyone know that he's not colour blind

Just off shore Chauta National Park

Over 20 Royal Tern tolerated me as I floated close by 

Return to the hostel I came across these 2 House Wrens in heavy conflict locked together.

These beautiful dragonflies were hawking around a very small road puddle

Semi-palmated Plover, Spotted Sandpiper and this Hudsonian Whimbrel and Jesus Christ Lizard were on the nearby beaches

Green-headed Lizard? Many of these were on rocks next to the river

The creek at the national park held the Little Blue and the Boat-billed Heron. Note the female on the nest behind the 2 of the latter species

Above the hostel garden there were good numbers of both White-collard and Chimney Swift

Seen a lot of these Common Black Hawks hanging around

  In the late afternoon, I made a visit to the Chocolate Farm just up road and guess what? They didn't sell any chocolate! I only really like Chunky Kitkats anyway and they ain't got any of them or Whispas, Areos, Wine Gums, Chews, Cojack Lolly pops. So instead I had a look around their big garden which was full of wildlife. 

Yet another beautiful dragonfly near the garden pool

There were a family of Howler Monkeys moving through the trees. Were these the buggers that woke me up early this morning?

Same beach this evening

I said in the blog about Kojack's Lolly pops. I remember getting them from the paper shop with a picture of his face, hat and in his month, lolly pop, from up the hill. I also remember the beginning of this top cop TV series so well and last saw the program in the early '80s. Everyone was scared of the bald headed man, (the great late Spike Millingham wrote a funny song titled 'The Bald Headed Man') with that Lolly pop always in his mouth and not once did he choke on it. He should of used it to poke out one of the villains eyes when they resisted arrest. They had great cop shows back then. Hawaii Five O, Starsky and Hutch, and what I first thought was a program about food 'Chips' And what about The Rockford Files with James Garner? The intro sound tracks to all these cop shows were also first class. However, we had great music too and the best hit cop shows around. The Sweeny and The Professionals! Then the states went and put out some shite called Magnum and David Soul tried to sing!

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