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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hybrid RING-BILLED GULL at Horsehay Pool!

Hybrid adult Ring-billedxLesser black-backed Gull at Horsehay Pool is believed to be the same bird that visited Prisorlee Lake last year in Feburary!

  By 13.30 the fog had lifted and I made my way to Candles Landfill Tip. As usual, I stopped off at Horsehay Pool on the way to check out if there were any gulls there. There were, 100's of them coming into this tiny pool and a quick scan through, produced an adult Yellow-legged Gull.       Then I locked onto the hybrid adult Ring-billedxLesser black-backed Gull from last year. I called a few locals and only Jim could make it as he was at nearby Prisorlee. It stuck around for a good 30 minutes until a dog walker flushed all the gulls and we lost it. However, when they returned there was no sign of the hybrid ringer and instead, what is thought to be the same bird we had yesterday at Prisorlee, another hybrid was found, the possible GlaucousxGreat black-backed Gull? over 1000 gulls were on the water with 100's more coming in. We estimated that there were 1500+Lesser black-backed, 3-400 Herring Gull and a big drop in numbers of Great black-backed Gulls from last week with maybe 20+ birds altogether.
  Tom had brief views of the ringer hybrid at Prisorlee Lake last year on the 13th December. Also, Jim was very pleased that he saw it today as he missed it last year. Lets hope it sticks around for a while during the three weeks of snow that's predicted to arrive this weekend!

Hybrid adult Ring-billedxLesser black-backed Gull

Another bloody hybrid thing!?

Before I went to Candles I got this 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull at Trench Pool

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