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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Another Caspian Gull at Prisorlee Lake!

1st winter Caspian Gull at Prisorlee Lake

  It was snowing briefly mid-morning and I found myself at Horsehay Pool scanning through the 100's of gulls again. It was Yellow-legged Gulls that were the highlights with up to 5 birds (2 adult and 2nd winter and a single 1st winter. After an hour they flew off and I also made a move only to return again at 13.30. Jim was already there, but there wasn't so many gulls coming in and only a single adult Yellow-legged Gull was picked out. I had to make the long drive to my girlfriends at Colechester and as I was joining the  M54 at Prisorlee, I thought I would catch the gull roost at Lake there. When I arrived, I could see less than 20 large gulls in the NE corner and raising my bins from the car, I thought I had a good candidate for a Caspian Gull. I got the scope out, 1st winter Caspian Gull! A different bird to the other three that have been in the county since December last year! I took some pics in the bad light and then it flew off NNE only to see Tom pull up behind me. Earlier on, Latham had 3 Yellow-legged Gull also on the lake, including possibly the 3rd winter that was on Horsehay Pool yesterday.

2nd winter Yellow-legged Gull at Horsehay Pool

The Caspain Gull was onlz there for two minutes on the lake 

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