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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Swimming with pelicans!

Brown Pelicans passing by at very close range. While others were swimming with me in the sea! 

  After all those stops yesterday looking at monkeys, vultures, lizards, birds and going kayaking, I finally made it to the Pacific coast and stayed in the La Flamingo area. This morning I went swimming and a few meters above my head, Franklin's and Laughing Gull, Double-crested Cormorant and 100's and 100's of Brown Pelicans! There was a constant flow of pelicans streaming past me in lines of 10-60 birds . Slightly higher up were the Magnificent Frigatebirds patrolling the skies waiting for the 100's of Elegant terns fishing way out at sea.

Can't get enough of these Franklin's and Laughing Gulls

Magnificent Frigatebird

Brown Pelicans were all over the shop

  I went for a short drive up road and while on the road, I spotted not so high up, a King Vulture with Black Vultures. I turned off on to a dirt track towards where they were. All the vultures came lower and lower until the king dropped it's undercarriage and came down gracefully behind some trees and out of view. It took me a good 20 minutes to find where the carcass was. In this case a horse! But I was too late, the damn thing had gone and I was left with over 100 Black Vultures scrapping among each other. As I left, I observed over 40 Fork-tailed Flycatcher.

Dwarfing the Black Vulture

King Vulture showing a lot better than the one a few days ago at Volcano Arenal

2 Black Vultures getting stuck into the backside of the dead horse

Black Vultures also have a beautiful side

This Iguana was causing a few problems as I watched a young lady sitting on the wall run for her life when she saw this moving at some pace directly towards her! Costa Rica has a successful captive breeding and release program and the numbers have shot up

Like this track a lot! Matthew Ryan is an American alternative country singer-songwriter. Ryan has also collaborated with Neilson Hubbard to form the band Strays Don't Sleep. Ryan's voice has been described as a "hushed rasp, with words catching like vows destined to be broken - one of modern music's most potent whispers." Like the Jayhawks, Son Volt and other artists from the late 1990s alternative country scene, Ryan has a dedicated following but only limited commercial success. Isn't this the case with so many talented singer-songwriters?

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