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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Manual Antonio National Park

Villas Jacquelina is a great hostel to chill out! This is the view while eating breakfast! Just like it says on it's website 'Spend less, have more fun!' /

  The hostel is set in beautiful surroundings and is only a stones throw away from the Quepos coast, Puntarenus. Villas Jacqueline is first class and so cheap for what it's got to offer. The owners are very friendly and the folks, mostly from the states, staying at the hostel are just up my street! Although you have to get used to their lingo. This is how they say morning to you 'What's up dude?' Nothing, I don't think. Why is he asking me what's a matter with me? My reply would be simple 'Hi!' The young yank, Jason, would come back with and at same time, pat me hard on my back 'How are yeah doing man?' 'Oh, I think I'm getting a bit of cold and my back is starting to hurt a little' And it was only a matter of time until he said that one word that you knew was coming 'That's so cool bro' It is? COOL! And that word kept on cropping up in almost every sentence that he said. Did he listen to a single word I said? 'So where yeah digging out today man?' 'Oh, I don't know. It all depends on how I feel, you know, cold' and it all depends if I can stand the pain in my back Again he didn't listen to me 'Ah dude, that's so damn cool man' It is? Perhaps he thought I was saying cool instead of cold? What does cool mean? Who is cool? If you go on google you'll find so many different definitions of, what does cool mean? Here's another example I heard later on. A man asks for a cigarette from his friend 'Hey dude! I could dig a smoke' His friend says 'Ah man, I've ran out!' The guy who needs that cigarette so bad and is starting to loose his mind if he don't get one in the next few seconds comes back with 'Hey, that's cool man! He feels like killing him and he says that's cool! While I was at this cool hostel, this guy arrives and after chatting for 10 minutes he introduces himself. 'Hey! I'm Tom. I'm pretty cool!' You are?
  I guess it's subjective. Anyway, Jason was a great dude and had a great taste in music. So does make him cool?

  When I first arrived at the hostel, I entered the reception, which is joined up with the kitchen. This guy, who I thought was the owner, passed by. Me acting so cool asked him 'Have yeah got any spaces? He stopped in his tracks and changed his direction towards the kitchen and in his US twang 'Yes we have. Let me have a look' He seemed to be searching for something on the wall that was out of sight from where I was standing. It came across as an odd place to have all your bookings on a wall tight in the corner next to the cooker! He continued. 'Ok, do you what something hot?' Hot!?  What on earth was he on about? 'The cheapest you've got please' He laughed 'Now that's a joke? How can I go by the cheapest? It's got to do with something your going to do now or later tonight?' A!? Now or later tonight? I just want a room. How simple can that be? Somethin weren't right here and I repeated what I first asked him 'Have you got any spaces?' He immediately shot up from bending over staring at that wall. 'Spaces? I thought you said spices!' We both laughed at the whole situation and then he carried on 'Spaces? ah man, who says spaces? If you said rooms, vacancies, some where to stay,digs, accommodation or availability, then I would of understood what you were talking about. But spaces? Who says spaces? That's a new one on me! I've never come across anyone who has said spaces' Ok, your going on a little too long now mate on the same subject.
    Despite the little funny mix up, anyone who visits the Quepos area, then I recommend that you come and stay at Villas Jacuelina. It's a cool place to chill out.
View from the bedroom and the path where a female Iguana hangs out!
  Manual Antonio National Park is a few miles away just up road from the hostel and was always on the cards to visit there. After heavy overnight rain, it was surprisingly pretty dry. It was so busy inside the park full of people, that there was a 25 minute wait exposed to the burning heat of the sun! While waiting in line, there's tour leaders from the US asking you to join them? If you say no, then they ask you, 'Why? Don't you want to see the birds and animals?' Well, yes I do, but I'll be fine thanks. And it turned out, after speaking to a couple that went on one of the tours, I managed to see a lot more than they did. If you want to visit Costa Rica, then I recommend that you go with very experienced observers of many many years of visiting the country 'Zoothera Gloobal Birding Tours'
  It was only when you got into the park, that 99% of the people were going to the beach that links onto the park, and are not really interested in the rain forest. I was part of that 1% and soon found out that my $10 to get in was well worth every cent!  The pics below are in the order of how I observed the life in the forest, however, most pics were taken in the shadows of the trees.

Violet Darter Dragonfly was observed in the car park

Once in the park, I immediately spotted this Sloth. For a Sloth he was a bit of a mover!

Altogether there were 3 Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth

Halloween Moon Crab 


Common Basilick Lizard

And I guess this is what the lizards are feeding on. Golden carpenter Ant

Pale-billed Woodpecker

To see the White-headed Capuchin Monkey, I had to make my way down to the beach where there were 100's of people. I took one shot, (above) and then I was out of there and returned to the peace of the forest

Pair of Black-hooded Antshrike

Central American Squirrel Monkey

Mantled Howler Monkey

 The park was shutting at 16.00 and 30 minutes before time, I started making tracks. In all the time I was there, I saw about 10 species of bird and none of them showed well. While returning, the forest came alive with birds and in good numbers. The highlights included Blue Dacnis, Green Honeycreeper, Tennessee, Black and White, Chestnut-sided Warbler with less numbers of Kentucky Warbler, Golden-naped and Red-crowned Woodpecker and Riverside Wren. Also 2 Double-toothed Kite and 2 more species of monkey, Mantled Howler and Central American squirrel Monkey.

All the Americans at the hostel are celebrating Martin Luther King day this evening. This live performance by Kris Kristofferson ''They Killed Him' at Live Aid is a tribute to the great man and others. Bob Dylan covered the song and also played it in his concerts with the Greatful Dead. Dylan also set up Farm Aid with Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Melencamp on September 22nd '85 to raise money for family farmers in the USA and it's still going strong today. Also playing with Kristofferson was BB King, Billy Joel, Roy Orbison and many others and raised over 9 million for family farmers!

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  1. looks great spider! love central american birding!
    Lizard looks like ameiva festiva rather than a basalisk?