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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WOODCHAT SHRIKE at the Garrison!

Female WOODCHAT SHRIKE near the Steval on the Garrison  Martin Goodey  

  Except for a Redwing, it was the same birds at Porth Hellick. Over 40 Swallow, with a few Sand Martin, 5 Willow Warbler, 7 Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap and an adult Grey Heron. Later, I picked up a high flying Marsh Harrier flying away SE over Longstones.

Marsh Harrier high over Longstones  

 Enjoying the sun in the dead pines 

  Mid-afternoon and I took a stroll around the Garrison. I was approaching the Steval, when in the corner of my eye, I caught the glimpse of a bird flying away and out of sight. I was sure that I had just seen a WOODCHAT SHRIKE! I waited for ten minutes, but no sign of anything. I didn't have much time and thought I would return later to have a look. However, as I walked around the corner along the top path from the Steval to the Woolpack, I could see two birds on the posts in front of me. The nearest I clearly see was a Wheatear, but the other, over twenty posts away, looked good. I put my bins up and bingo! WOODCHAT SHRIKE! It was back on and distant. I quickly took some record shots and then it just disappeared! I couldn't tell you what race it was or if it was a male or female. While I started looking around, I contacted everyone, but after ten minutes I had to go. I returned shortly afterwards and Big Al had relocated it in the same area. Joe arrived and also took some record shots and from his photos we identified it as a female WOODCHAT SHRIKE! As I was leaving. both Richie and Tony arrived and two hours later, everyone had caught up with it as it performed very well, now on the north side in the dead pines to at least 19.30 in the evening sun.
  Big Al spoke to Doug on St Agnes, and Doug told Big Al that he was still watching the female WOODCHAT, that Chas discovered yesterday on Wingletang, at 15.45. I found this bird at 14.30, confirming that it was a different female WOODCHAT!

Brief footage of the female WOODCHAT at the Steval area, Garrison

Everyone happy after seeing the WOODCHAT

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