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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


 Short-eared Owl at Telegraph. Taken through the front windscreen. Over the past, I have seen up to 5 SEO from the wagon! 

  As I was driving down towards Newfordm the Short-eared Owl from last week at Porth Hellick, flew across the road in front of me wagon at Telegraph this morning. I stopped and watched it for five minutes as it drifted from one side of the road to the other. It briefly landed in a dead pine and then flew low out of sight towards Trenowth.

  At Porth Hellick it was dull with a NW wind. Migrants were keeping low and on the pool the drake Tufted Duck and Sedge Warbler were still present. Nearby, the 4 Ring Ouzel had not moved on from up on the down. I was slowly walking around the loop trail, when I heard the BEE-EATER call three times overhead! I ran from out of the trees to see if I could see it, but it was not until over half an hour later that I located it flying briefly around the tall Elms at Salakee. Twice, I had already looked here, but there was no sign of it at the time. It went behind the trees and I never saw it again!

The 4 Ring Ouzel were still up on Porth Hellick Down

This Angleshade was sheltering in the archway of the Star Castle

 This 1st summer male Pied Flycatcher didn't make it and was picked up under a bush, yesterday by Joe at Porth Helleck

This male Greenfinch was hit by a car on Church Road in Town 


  1. Nice blog there Spider. I'm enjoying the read every day! Some good passage migrants on Scilly at the moment too. I think we are all waiting for the big one though....!

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. I also enjoy looking at your blog, but my photos wont be up to your standard. I use a 78xoptical camcorder and I'm very pleased with it. I'm also still getting use to using a computer, but I'm getting there. It's been a very good spring here and it's only mid-April! The big one will arrive soon, however your not doing bad yourself in Cornwall


  3. ....Now I'm off to the club to see if Spurs can do it against Madrid! Higgo will be there waiting to tear me and Spurs apart..