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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Crossbill at Porth Hellick

An amazing sunset this evening!

 Male Blackbird on the east wall of Star Castle

  For the last four days the islands have been covered in fog and as result stopped flying both in and out of Scilly. Today it was windy, but throughout, there was bright sunshine. I made very quick visit down to Porth Hellick and it was not until I returned to the wagon to find a Crossbill calling in the pines above the doctors house. I had no time to look for it and could still hear it when I got into the van. An unusual record for this time of year.

  At Star Castle I found, what I think is a Linen Weaver Spider? and the largest Common Garden Centipede that I have ever seen.

Linen Weaver Spider? at Star Castle 

Look at the jaws on this Common Garden Centipede! 

A few days ago, I looked below the quay wall and saw, what I thought was the 1st winter Grey Wagtail I had over a week ago. However, I noticed that this bird had a large amount of white on the tertials, proving that it was a different individual. 

Note the large amount of white on the tertials in the top Grey Wag in comparison to the bird below 

Looking from Porthloo out into the Atlantic 

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