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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Unusal worm at Star Castle!


  While lifting up a very large flower pot full of earth in the Star Castle garden, I found a very interesting worm underneath that I had never seen before! I picked it up and the impression it gave me, by it's behaviour, was a pale looking leach. It was flesh colored above, paler on the flat underside and sometimes left a slimy trail behind, when moving. I took some shots and then when I finished work, I took to Ren's to have a look. He too had never seen anything like it and asked if he could keep it overnight.
 Later when I returned home, I identified it as an AUSTRALIAN FLATWORM! As it turned out, the first UK record was in 1980 on the Scillies and has more than likely arrived in a plant from down under! Since then they have been taken to the mainland and from the south continued to progress northward and also into Irland!


Before I went home, I had a walk along Porthcressa Bay and observed this adult Great Northern Diver at close range in the bay

  When I did arrive home, a single Woodcock and 20 Snipe flew over the garden heading south towards Porth Hellick, just before dark.

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