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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Long-eared Owl at Lower Moors

Little Egret at Bar Point

  A dull late morning and I made my way down towards Lower Moors. As soon as I entered the wood, I could hear a Firecrest and went in search of it. I was making a lot of noise, crashing through the undergrowth and as I looked up, I just caught a Long-eared Owl flying off from an ivy covered tree, just in front of me! I continued on and got past the tree where I had flushed the owl, looked to my right and there it was, perched on a tree stump, head hight, looking at me! Again, it slowly floated off and this time, out of the wood. As it flew out, a SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF started calling. So, that's what I went looking for next. However, I could not find it and in the hour that I was in the area, all I saw were, 4 Goldcrest, 6 Woodcock, male Sparrowhawk, 14+Snipe and over 50 Redwing flew through.

   At Bar Point, in the bright sunshine, the only birds of note were, 4 Whimbrel, 20+Curlew and 2 Little Egret. Two Speckled Wood were out early enjoying the sun!

  Talking to Graham from St Agnes, he told me that he had 2 SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF coming into his garden to roost every night with 5 Goldcrest!

2 of the 4 Whimbrel at Bar Point

2 Little Egret were at Bar Point

A fem Kestrel was hanging in the wind at Bants Carn

Velvet Shank at Carn Morvel 

This is what most of the fields will look like in a few weeks. A sea of yellow! However, these wont be picked as they've opened up already 

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  1. Hi Kris,
    I've just submitted your Speckled Wood to Butterfly Conservation as they are the first I have heard of, so far, this year.
    All the best,
    Cornwall Butterfly Recorder