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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A return to Star Castle

Sunrise over Telegraph

I started my new job today. Driving a taxi for Star Castle Hotel on the Garrison. Well, I say new. I first took the job from '98-'02. Returned three years later from '05-'08, started my own business driving my own taxi on the island and now I back again. I'm looking forward to working at the hotel and this morning walking to town along the coastal path there were 5 Curlew, 10+Rock Pipit and a single Little Egret at Porthloo.
I was told by Jim and Liz tonight that there were 3 NEWTS found on the islands while I was away!! Two on Tresco and a single at the tip, St Mary's! These are the first Scilly records and if three have been found, then there are more to be discovered on these two islands. None of the newts have been identified, but there more than likely, Common or Palmate Newt. I will be spending a lot of time at Lower Moors this spring. Also, there is already Frog-spawn at Lower Moors!   

Little Egret at Porthloo

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