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Saturday, 19 February 2011

RED-NECKED , Black-necked and Slavonian Grebe!

  Throughout the day it was calm with warm bright sunshine. In the early afternoon, I had a look off Star Castle and got the Black-throated Diver and 14 Great Northern Diver. An hour later, with the sun behind me, I scanned from Innisidgen. I was there for over thirty minutes and all I could find were 2 Slavonian Grebe and 11 Great Northern Diver. However, when I looked to the left of Guthers Island, I picked up, what I thought were 2 Black-necked Grebe close together. One of the grebes dived while the other stayed on top of the water, always head on. I could see straight away that I was looking at a RED-NECKED GREBE! The Black-necked was back up again and you could clearly see the size difference, the Red-necked being slightly larger and longer necked. Also, the Black-necked could easily be picked up off the water, while the Red-necked, being paler, could be harder to locate and it never dived while I observed it. Even though the latter species was a long way off, like the Shags at the same distance, you could catch the yellow on the bill in the light when the bird turned it's head. There were also a lot more Razorbill and Kittiwakes in The Roads and over 25 Bar-tailed Godwit flew from St Martins to Tresco. Yet, another Speckled Wood flew by at Innisidgen!

Herring Gulls at the harbor

Spider sp? 

Turnstone below the quay wall

Carrion Crow at Star Castle

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