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Monday, 1 January 2018

Kumlien's Gull at Porthcressa

Rob Lambert found this Adult Claucous Gull at Porthloo while at the same time Graham Gorden was watching 3 juvenile Claucous, 2 Iceland an a 1st Yellow-legged Gull at Periglis, St Agnes!

  What a day for an arrival of white-winged gulls with up to seven birds including 4 Claucous, 2 Icelands and a single Kumliens Gull! I was working all morning at work in the Star Castle where there is no reception. I left work at 14.00 and was hit by missed calls and texts about Iceland Gulls seen around the town bays areas. Bobby 'Dazzler' Dawson had 2 Iceland Gull at Morning Point just after mid-day but one of them was brief and distant and he couldn't rule out it being a Kumlien's Gull! I arranged to meet up with Lucy and Rob Lambert, who had just had an Iceland Gull at Morning Point, Martin and Ren at Porthcressa. Ren told me he got a pic of what he thought might be a Kumlian's that he had at mid-day in the bay and showed me it on the back of his camera 'Nice one! That's a Kumlien's Gull Ren!' He went on to say that it flew out towards Morning point where no doubt was the same bird that Bobby 'Dazzler' Dawson saw. We let everyone know about the Kumlien'sand as there was no gulls at Porthcressa we decided to try Porthloo and see if the Kumlin's might be there. 'Rocky' Robin, Mark Prestwood and Ritchie were already there as arranged. Again no gulls, but as soon as I threw out the scraps of fish from work, the gulls appeared from nowhere. It was an hour later, sitting in me wagon as some 40-50 large gulls were up close on high tide, when Rob shouted 'white-winged gull!' I shouted back 'Adult Glaucous Gull!' Ideal! It took a large piece of fish, had a bath and ten minutes later flew out of sight towards Carn Morvel. Shortly afterwards Graham Gordon called me from St Agnes '3 juvenile Glaucous, 2 juvenile Iceland and a single 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull at Periglis!' Bloody ell!

Juvenile Kumlien's Gull at Porthcressa taken by Ren Hathway 

Adult Glaucous Gull at Porthloo briefly. One of the four seen today on Scilly

This Carrion Crow also took advantage of the scrapes I threw out

Yesterday I threw scraps of food out and Potthloo and we attracted this 3rd winter Yellow-legged Gull

This is me trying to attract the gulls at Porthloo with the large box of food that I scavenged from the bins at work that's next to me.I've only just started doing this three days ago and so far it's payed off. The first day I had a Caspian Gull, the following day, a YLG and today the Glaucous Gull! Pic was taken by Lucy McRobert. I was just taking a taste of the scraps to see if it was good enough for the gulls. It passed!

Great song!

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