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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Scilly record of 8 Iceland Gull together!

There were a Scilly record of up to 8 Iceland Gull at Morning Point today including these 2 juveniles in battle! There was also a juvenile Glaucous gull present at the same time!

  After seeing 2 juvenile Iceland Gull at Morning Point yesterday in the last hour of light, at mid-day today I arrived at the same sight to see 3 Iceland gull off the inlet including a 2nd winter. A few minutes later a juvenile Glaucous Gull came in. This was a different individual to the pale juvenile three days ago at Sharks Pit. With in half an hour I was observing 7 Iceland Gull, 6 juveniles and a 2nd winter and the Glaucous Gull!!! I let everyone know and for the next hour I enjoyed this record number of white-wingers ever to grace Scilly. Ritchie Aston also had a single Iceland Gull at Porth Hellick near the time when two of the Icelands moved on. When I returned a few hours later, there were still 4 Iceland Gull including the distinctive juvenile that wasn't here earlier on, with it's pale head contrasting with dark underparts, that I had at Sharks Pit three days ago making it a total of 8 Iceland Gull altogether!! It was only three days ago at sharks Pit that I had seen the highest number of white-winged gulls together totaling five. Today I had a total of 9 white-winged gulls, 8 Iceland and 1 Glaucous Gull!!!
  In four days I've had a total of 4 Glaucous and 9 Iceland Gull on Scilly!
  Also today, George Kershaw went for a walk up the north end of Tresco and relocated the 1st winter female SNOWY OWL!

  Now I'm telling you, there are a crazy number of gull photos coming up if you continue scrolling down and with the gale force NWW and drizzle through out the day, the light was very poor.


6 of the 7 juvenile Iceland Gulls at Morning Point

2nd winter Iceland Gull


Iceland Gulls at Morning Point

Juvenile Glaucous Gull at Morning Point

These 2 juvenile Iceland Gull were at Morning Point yesterday. The darker juvenile, that's been in the area for the last week, took on the new arrival that turned up yesterday. 

The 2 juvenile Iceland Gull at Morning Point yesterday

There were still 1000's Kittiwake out at sea.m I took all these from Morning Point

There were also a 1st winter and this adult Common Gull off Morning Point

I reckon there be more white-wingers found on the islands in the next few days

   Two days ago, I was waiting for Higgo in the Mermaid car park and observed over 500 Kittiwake fly through in less than a minute off Rat Island. Like yesterday, there were 1000's of Kittiwake sheltering out in The Roads. At 09'15 we were both on the rib to Tresco and ploughed through the flocks of Kittiwake. Passing the west fields off Tresco we saw that the 6 Pink-footed Geese distantly. The same wildfowl were still on the Great Pool of note that I saw over a week ago with the 2 female Shoveler, 10 Wigeon. The same was said on the Abbey Pool with the pair of Pintail and female Goldeneye. Just to the east end of the Great Pool we got a female Reed Bunting and at Pentle Bay, there was the adult Iceland Gull that I had yesterday back on St Mary's. Higgo split and returned to the Great Pool where he got the male Bullfinch. I continued along the beach and got a record for me on Scilly, 8 Grey Plover. An adult Glaucous Gull flew overhead towards the Great Pool and that's all I could muster before returning home. In St Mary's harbour we got the 2 Black-necked Grebe.

Higgo strolling along Pool Road

Female Goldeneye on the Abbey Pool

 I think I've gone over the top with photos of this female Reed Bunting!

Adult Iceland Gull we had overhead at Pentle Bay

A record number for me on Scilly, 8 Grey Plover off the Block House

This Adult Glaucous Gull flew straight through over the Block House

Looking at Round Island from the Block House

Cracking song by the Drive-By Truckers

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  1. What an excellent number of Iceland Gulls and a superb set of photos of them too.