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Thursday, 18 January 2018

5 Iceland Gull on St Mary's!

There were up to 5 Iceland and 2 Glaucous Gull in the harbour area today including these new arrivals, a juvenile Glaucous and Iceland Gull

  Just before 10.00 this morning, Tony Gilbert let me know that there were 100's of gulls off the life boat slip. I was at the airport but twenty minutes later from Star Castle I was observing the 100's of gulls and 1000's of Kittiwake out in The Roads. From Porthloo, with some 500 on the water just there alone, the kittiwake stretched well out towards Tresco and continued around the bend towards the Steavel.
  In ten minutes I also found 2 new Iceland Gull. An adult dozing on Rat Island and with Higgo, a juvenile hanging in the wind off the quay wall. Higgo wasn't hanging in the wind. He couldn't jump over an ant!! However, despite looking, we both missed out on 925's 2nd winter Yellow-legged Gull off Rat Island. Higgo made his ways to Peninnis and I returned to work.

I've never seen so many Kittiwake sheltering in The Roads with an estimate of over 5000 Kittiwake!! How many were really out there we will never know and as the day progressed, they moved on .

This adult and juvenile Iceland Gull were off the quay wall and didn't hang around

   Yesterday, Martin Goodey and I were talking about what these gale force WNW might bring in for us from across the pond and thought, more white-winged gulls. Well, so far we got that right but we had no idea that it was goin to get better. Later in the day, a look at Porth Mellon and I got a new juvenile Iceland Gull followed by the juvenile Glaucous Gull. They also didn't hang around but a scan towards Sharks Pit and I could see 3 Iceland Gull. With minutes later I was at the latter site and was watching 3 juvenile Iceland Gull and a new juvenile Glaucous Gull! The latter species being a lot paler than the other juvenile I saw earlier. I alerted everyone about the white-winged gull fest only to now see 4 juvenile Iceland Gull, including the individual I had this morning off the quay wall, in the air together with the Glaucous Gull! Two of the Iceland Gulls moved on but later when Martin Goodey joined me, one returned or was another new juvenile?

Up to 4 juvenile Iceland Gull were at sharks Pit

This new pale juvenile Glaucous Gull didn't take any crap!!

Not another photo of a gull!!!

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