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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

4 Hawfinch at Newport Cemetery

This cracking was one of the 4 Hawfich at Newport Cemetery

  Early this afternoon on my ways to the Hawfinch site, I briefly had a look at Hortonwood and the only gull present on the roof of the factory was an adult Yellow-legged Gull! Ten minutes later I was searching the area of Newport Cemetery and it was not until another twenty minutes later that I spotted a male Hawfinch high up in a Beech Tree above the gardens. It flew off and I returned to the car to hear more Hawfinch nearby. They were very vocal but out of sight. It was a while until a total of 4 hawfinch flew out into the open. They all showed well before flying north towards the football field where I've occasionally played on, a 100 years ago, with Telford Jacs!
  Just up road I had a look at Chetwynd Pool and the only birds of note were 52 Shoveler. Last year there was a Long-tailed Duck here and the only other good birds I've seen at this site in the past were 2 Smew together with a male Red-crested Pochard. That was also 100 years ago!

The only gull at Hortonwood was this adult Yellow-legged Gull I know I promised in my last post that there would no more gull photos, but I really didn't think I was goin to see or find anymore gulls of interest.

Ian Grant has had up to 8 Hawfinch at Newport Cemetery but I could only find 4 birds

This presumed near adult HerringxLesser-black backed Gull was the only large gull on Middle Pool

A first site record for me were 2 Stock Dove over Middle Pool. Surely they must be rare in this area?

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