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Monday, 29 January 2018

A Scilly record of 11 white-winged gull!

Yesterday I managed to see all 11 white-winged Gulls on St Mary's including these 3 Iceland Gull that were part of the 6 that were at Porthloo with 4 Glaucous Gull! 

  Yesterday at 13.30,while waiting at work for Ritchie Aston to pick me up, I scanned The Roads and picked up a distant juvenile Glaucous Gull on the water. Ritchie had a quick look at it then we made our ways to Porthloo. On arrival it was high tide and there were already 5 Iceland Gull feeding on the surf with the 2 Glaucous Gull patrolling the length of the beach together like two Lancaster Bombers. Martin Goodey turned up and while we were taking pics of the gulls I noticed that the Bombers had rested off Taylors Island and had been joined by another Glaucous Gull! As I was trying to get everyone's attention on the Glaucs, they must be breeding or I can't count, because now I could see 4 Glaucous Gull together! 4 juvenile Glaucous Gull and now 5 juvenile and a single 2nd winter Iceland Gull at Porthloo!
  While the white-winged gulls were still at Porthloo, Ritchie dropped me off at home and I raced to Morning Point to see a single juvenile Iceland Gull. However, a different individual to the Porthloo birds and it wasn't long before four of the Iceland Gull came in which I identified were from Porthloo. One of Glaucous Gull also briefly touched down before moving on.
  So all together I got a Scilly record of 11 white-winged Gulls in total including 4 Glaucous and 7 Iceland Gull!!!

In the bottom photo you can see a single Glaucous and 5 Iceland Gull with the Herring Gull

If you look closely, you can make out 4 Glaucous Gull in the bottom photo

My seventh Iceland Gull of the day was this juvenile at Morning Point

Later on, one of the Glaucous Gulls from Porthloo turned up at Morning Point

While we were all watching the gulls, for some reason Ritchie decided to throw stones in the water and what looks like, with perfection or maybe he's playing invisible bowls! 


Two days ago I was told there was a juvenile Glaucous Gull feeding on the carcass of a seal. When I got there to my surprise, there were 2 Glaucous Gull

There was also this juvenile Iceland Gull nearby I promise you that there will be no more gull pictures from now on!!

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