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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Radde's on a Badge!!!

Does anyone remember Steve Young and George Reszetor shouting 'Radde's on a badge!!' back in the early '90's? The image on the badge was of a Radde's taken at Higher Moors, The pic above was taken at Borough Farm today. 

  Did anyone buy also at the same time the 'Get your Black Duck badges'? Who got one of them? But the mega on a badge was the Yellow-browed Bunting!!! I remember seeing that so well in the St Agnes Observatory garden. At £1.50 each or 3 for £5!

  There was an obvious arrival of Bullfinch with at least 4 on St Mary's and a single on St Agnes and an increase in Hawfinch and as I opened my door to get out of my wagon at Rose Hill this morning, I heard a Hawfinch overhead and saw 2 Firecrest nearby. At Content there were 5 Skylark, 1 Black Redstart and the Yellow-browed Warbler.
  Walking at Pelistry and a Hawfinch flew high in off the sea from the east. Near the beach field there were over 180 Chaffinch and 20 Brambling with the Icelandic Redwing in another field.

There were 2 Firecrest at Rose Hill

Yellow-browed Warbler

Black Redstart 

 The Icelandic Redwing was still present at Pelestry
  Earlier, Mark Halliday called to tell me that Viv's Radde's Warbler was still at Borough Farm. shortly after, Martin gave me the same message and also had 7 Hawfinch fly over. On and off I made visits in between work. My first visit the warbler showed well and single Brambling and Siskin flew over and I heard at least 2 Bullfinch flying close by but there was a tall hedge preventing me from seeing them. As soon as they passed, Graham Gordon text to say there is no sign of the yesterdays Siberian Stonechat. He did get 1 Garden, 2 Yellow-browed Warbler, 5 Swallow and a single Bullfinch! Another Bullfinch was at higher Moors and a female flew over Newford.
  It was during my second visit in the afternoon that the Radde's performed really well out in the open for both Martin Goddey and myself in the field opposite to the farm for a good five minutes. At the end of the day, 3 Swallow flew over work.

This Radde's Warbler was showing off at Borough Farm

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