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Monday, 27 November 2017

Morocco Day 4

Spotted this cracking male Maghreb Wheatear at the side of the road while driving on the N10, five miles before Tingejdad.

  Stayed at the cracking Chill and Hike Hostel at the SE end of Tingejdad for £6 but no breakfast. I immediately got on with Abdou, a 17 year old kid that's worked there for two years, and showed me a good place to eat. We both had tagine and he told me it was the first time in two of working at the hostel that he's eating with guests! So I told him, it's on me! He didn't understand as his English was limited. Everything I said to him came back with a 'Yes!' When we were walked back to the digs he said 'I will cook for you tomorrow and you can come and play in a football match with me'  I thought, do they have a cooker in the middle of the football pitch? No that would be so stupid! Of cause they wouldn't, you would have to avoid it, it would be on the sideline out of the way! The offer was tempting but I had to move on.
  Not an early start on the road today as I went to local market for my breakfast and didn't get moving until gone mid-day. Off the N10 and over two hours to my next stop, Efoud on the R702. I took a left on to a dirt track and ended up looking down on a massive tip. From where I was, Crag Martin and Desert Lark were nearby and a single White-crowned Black Wheatear. It was not until I was almost at Tinejdad that I spotted a striking male Maghreb Wheatear while driving. I spent a few minutes with it before it flew away across the stony desert.

People were living at the dump while others, I guess, were searching for what they could find to sell at the market. The rubbish stretched way out of both photos on each side

Up to 3 desert Lark were nearby


I only had ten minutes with this male Maghreb Wheatear and in time it showed superbly

This is a male Mourning Wheatear I took while in Palestine. Note the buff undertail which is absent from the Maghreb Wheatear.

  For the next hour I saw Serin and many Black and White-crowed Black Wheatear at the side of the road and lots of Desert Lark. Twenty miles out of Ksar Tourougwhen, driving along, I could see a large flock of sandgrouse flying low coming my ways! I slowed down and then came to a halt and tried to get everything I could on them as they passed at close range to identify which species they were when I look later on the net. I didn't bring a field guide with me but I didn't have to worry. A truck coming in the opposite direction was, would you believe it, blocking the flight path of a few of the sandgrouse as they flew low across the road. A few narrowly missed hitting the truck but one unfortunly was taken out and was left dead in the middle of the road. I put it in the back of my car and continued on moving. I didn't see another vehicle for over five minutes!!

Spotted Sandgrouse that I observed hitting a wagon while the other 70-80 it was with flew higher into the distance.

  The stony desert was turning now to more sandy and I started seeing a different species of lark, Bar-tailed Lark. At post 51 Rissani, either side, I managed to see up to 19 of them. Only two of them showed well while the others kept there distance.
  I came into Erfoud as the sun was goin down and entering the town, in the corner of my eye to the right, I saw a shape on top of a wall that I knew had to be a Little Owl. Using the car, it let me approach very close to it and was still there when I drove away

On each side of the R702 and the Camel were the Bar-tailed Desert Lark

I saw up to 19 Bar-tailed Desert Lark

Like Desert Lark. I saw good numbers of  White-crowned Black Wheatear at the side of the R702 while driving.

Including this one at Erfoud, I've now seen 3 Little Owl so far

Towns I drove through on the R702

It took me 30 minutes to find this place but when I did it was worth it! I recommend this hostel if you ever visit Tinghir.

From the rooftop is where I had breakfast and listened to music with amazing view out in the distance

That old fella must of walked into the table when he got up after being blinded by that flash light directly in front of him! 

I Monster is an English electronic music group, composed of the Sheffield based record producers Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling.
I Monster and its label Twins of Evil are both named after horror films (q.v. I, Monster and Twins of Evil).[

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