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Friday, 1 December 2017

Morocco Day 8

I had a total of 11 Moussier's Redstart, including four cracking males, at Ammar

I left the dump this morning, Rissani, and decided to go back to Chil and Hike Hostel in Tinghir. I came off the N12 at Alnif and onto the R113. All I had seen of note while driving so far, were lots of Desert Lark and a male Desert Wheatear just before the town of Alnif.. As always, I was looking for tracks off the main road and near Ammar, I took a right. The area was fields with scrub and trees and the first thing I saw when I got out of the car, was a Fulvous Babbler! It was perched high up and then jioned the other five that were nearby. There were also single Moussier's Redstart, Southern Grey Shrike, Meadow Pipit, Grey Wagtail, 10+Swallow, 3 Crag Martin and a Peregrine over. I drove on and went through a village and on the same track, ended up driving along a stony area scattered with Acacia. Next to a football pitch, I could hear more Fulvous Babblers and found eight birds running around like the cartoon, Roadrunner! 5 Hoopoe flew across in front of me, a very brief Dartford Warbler was in the Acacia, a stunning male Moussier's Redstart showed at very close range and there were 2 Southern Grey Shrike.  Moving on and after a few minutes I could hear the trill of Fulvous Babblers and again I was entertained by the way they search for food. I couldn't go any further with my car as there was a deep gorge, Youssef would of taking it with a pinch of salt, not me. The babblers were still in the same places and in the village I turned right back onto the R113 and 30 minutes later, I was at my digs!

15+Desert Lark were seen by the road side after leaving Rissani

Male Desert Wheatear at Alnif

I saw up to 11 Moussier's Redstart including this very showy individual in Ammar.

Up to 5 Hoopoe were on the deck

Except this one

With 3 Southern Grey Shrike in the Acacia including this one which seems to show a stronger more heavier bill than the others I've seen so far

Record shot of this male Dartford Warbler at Ammar


I reckon I've found 100% site for Fulvous babbler. I had a total of 22 birds out of three groups while driving a dirt track at Ammar

The area where two of the groups of Fulvous Babblers favoured. The other group of six, were five minute drive away in complete different habitat.

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