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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Caspian Gull at Hortonwood, Telford

The 4th winter Caspian Gull was showing a lot better this afternoon on the snow covered roofs at Hortonwood with the 3 Yellow-legged Gull

  The snow didn't stop me from making the mile drive from my parents home to Hortonwood to see if the Caspian Gull was still present. There were a lot more gulls, 250+Lesser-black backed Gull and after picking out the 2 adult Yellow-legged Gull from yesterday, it didn't take long to relocate the Caspian Gull. All the gulls were resting on the roof of a meat factory and show very well when a wagon comes in and they start flying around. I returned at 15.30 and now there were 3 Yellow-legged Gull with the Caspian still present.

The gulls hanging out on the roof of the meat factory. I guess it's a great place to meat up!!


The only other Caspian Gull that I've observed at close range like this, is the 1st winter I found two years ago just two minute up road at Trench Pool. That individual stayed around for two week and showed superbly during it's stay!  

A new adult Yellow-legged Gull joined the 2 adults from yesterday
There were well over 250+Lesser-black backed Gull with 15+Herring Gull including a single HerringxLBBG

There were only some 20 Black-headed Gull

The snow covered garden today and not a single sparrow or Starling in sight! Where have they all gone!? However, there were 2 Song Thrush but over 25 year ago, we used to get 7 in the garden all the time! 

Over fifteen year ago, I never recorded Wood Pigeon in the garden except flying over. Now, you can see up to 25!

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