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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Morocco Day 11

On the outskirts of Marakech I had this Black-shouldered Kite near to Ait Hdou

  My last day was spent roadside birding just outside Marakech and it started off well when I pulled over to look at a male Moussier's Redstart in a stony field near Ouahat Sidi Brahim. At the same time I could hear a Speckled Warbler and it didn't take long to work out there were 2 male Speckled Warbler on territory. In fact this field proved very productive with a single Dartford, Sardinian Warbler, Southern Grey Shrike, Linnet, 6 Corn bunting, 2 Moussier's Redstart, lots of Chiffchaff and another Skylark! Just before I arrived at this field I had some 20 Maghreb Magpie along half mile stretch of road. I moved on west and came across flocks of Maghreb Magpie and saw smaller numbers throughout the day with a total of at least 80 birds!

Male Moussier's Redstart

Male Speckled Warbler in sub-song

The field where the Speckled Warblers and the other birds were hanging out

 I saw up to 80 Maghreb Magpie in total throughout the day just by the roadside!

  Driving off the N8, driving south along a heavily pot holed road, there all like this off the main roads, I was nearing Ait Hdou when to my right I saw the distinctive flight of a Black-winged Kite flying away from me. Fortunately it turned and landed on the roadside poles. I raced up to it and got cracking views. It made a short flight to land on a tower. Here it was mostly back on but still showing well before making it's ways across fields, hovering on and off, before parachuting down out of sight. As soon as the kite had disappeared, there was a Long-legged Buzzard just above me. All the time while driving, I was also seeing Serin, Sardinian Warbler, Common Bulbul, Cattle Egret, White Stork, Laughing Dove and all over the shop, Chiffchaff!

Black-shouldered Kite near Ait Hdou

Why couldn't the kite show like this Long-legged Buzzard in flight at the same location

Cattle Egret

Sparrowhawk and White Stork
Common Bulbul




I also had 2 little Owl including this show off at Loudaya

In the evening I made my ways up to the mountains looking over Lake Takerkoust where I saw Blue Rock Thrush

My view over the lake while having breakfast at the hotel

Clothesline Revival teaming up with the master harmonica player, Charlie Musselwhite

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