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Saturday, 19 May 2012

What a Day!


  That is what Alan Shearer said last week on 'Match of Day' when Man City won the Premiership. 'What a Day!' At 6.30, I was a rudely awoken by Graham. No he was not in my bed-room. He called me mobile and I being half asleep thought I was late for work, although I've never been late. 'There are still 2 female type GOLDEN ORIOLE at Giants Castle' That vioce was too deep and Gordie like to be one of the receptionist at work. Half an hour later I found myself, still half asleep, staring at gorse bushes with Steve Sheris and Graham. Nothing, but walking through Salakee we got 2 Turtle Dove and the Pink-footed Goose. We caught up with Higgo and 925 at the SHORT-TOED LARK field and found it showing well. At the same time the RED KITE flew over me house towards Pungi's Lane. My first taxi of the day to the airport, found one of the interesting Yellow Wagtail feeding in the short grass next to the airport carpark.

SHORT-TOED LARK at Telegraph

  Then I got a call from Higgo 'Do ye know whose had this RED-THROATED PIPIT at Carn Friars?' I had no idea. This was followed later by Tony calling me, saying that he had just been watching a singing MELODIOUS WARBLER in the same field as the pipit! I arrived some hours later after this and observed the pipit at very close range. Martin, who had been there for a few hours, told me that it's the closest that it has been and I was only there for 10-15 minutes, as I had to return to work.


The RED-THROATED PIPIT put on a good display at Carn Friars

We heard at least 4 Cuckoo today

Sedge Warbler at Lower Moors

  At least 10 GOLDEN ORIOLE were on St Mary's with another 2 on St Martins. While looking out of his bedroom window, 925 found a LITTLE BUNTING briefly feeding in a chicken pen in the garden. Graham had a HAWFINCH fly over the Dumpclump heading towards town and on Tresco, Ren called me to say that he had just watched a sub-adult PURPLE HERON come into the Abbey Pool. This was shortly followed by him back on the mobile with the find of a 1st summer WOODCHAT SHRIKE between the pool and Pentle Bay.
Ren's 1st summer WOODCHAT SHRIKE on Tresco was the only one seen today Robin Mawer

Stunning sunset this evening Robin Mawer

William fitzsimmons with 'The Tide Pulls From The Moon' Live he sounds a little like Alexi Murdock.

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