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Monday, 7 May 2012

I thought I knew large pipits and that's no shit, but half the time I'm full of it!

RICHARD'S PIPIT (not Tawny) at the golf course

  This morning it came out on the pager, 'Large pipit sp on the golf course'. I called Graham to go and sort this pipit out. He was on his way already and ten minutes later he was telling me 'It's a RICHARD'S PIPIT'
  So, it looks like I also don't know diddly-squat from a Richard's and Tawny Pipit. With this in mind, in the late evening sun, Graham and I went to look for it and was briefly joined by Robin. Graham located it on the northern end and we observed it in good light for 30 minutes before the sun went down.

In certain light, the pipit looked a pale individual giving it a grey appears on the upperparts. Note much reduced buff on the flanks compared to the juveniles we usually get in autumn. 

It proved to be very flighty and gave a harsh raspping 'schreep' now and then

Still about 70+Whimbrel on the golf course
Male House Sparrow nest building

Male Linnet
Looking from the golf course this evening

So many people have told me to watch 'The Jacket' with Adrian Brody and Keira Knightley, produced by George Clooney. It was a good movie, but when I heard the beautiful soundtrack, Roger Eno's 'Fleeting smile' I looked fit up on Youtube and found it, including a 10 minute remix.

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