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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Rare cloud formation (Undulatus Asperatus)


  Got a text early this evening from Graham telling us to get of the house and have a look east at the sky. What we saw was swirling, wavey, rolling clouds in a spectacular formation. Something that none of us had seen before. Later on we identified them from the internet as the rare cloud formation (Undulatus Asperatus) The name translates approximately as roughened or agitated waves.

Amazing cloud formation from me house to the ENE (Undulatus Asperatus)

Looking from Bar Point

and Telegraph road Bottom 2 pics were taken a lot earlier and by Robin Mawer

  I was very busy at work and the only bird I saw of note was a Swift over work.Bob Dawson made a visit to Bryher and found a immature male Hen Harrier, later seen at Telegraph, St Mary's, a female GOLDEN ORIOLE and 2 Ruff and over 60 Dunlin. On Tresco, Higgo and Robin just missed a male RED-BACKED SHRIKE in fields at the back of Rose Cottage, found by Tim. 2 Pintail on the Great Pool  were an unusual record for this time of year. Higgo and Robin made the hop to Bryher for the oriole and found that there were 2 female GOLDEN ORIOLE. A male was also seen at Porth Hellick and 2 birds were on St Martins, where an Osprey was observed flying towards St Mary's this morning. Yesterday a male WOODCHAT SHRIKE and GOLDEN ORIOLE were both found by Tony on Airport Lane. Today, It or another male WOODCHAT turned up at Telegraph.

1 of the 2 female GOLDEN ORIOLE on Bryher

2 Ruff and over 60 Dunlin were also on Bryher Robin Mawer

On the evening of the 13th May, Robin pointed out to us this sun colunm rising up above the sun and got some stunning shots

'Don't Let it Bring You Down' from Neil Young 1970 amazing album After The Goldrush

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