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Saturday, 12 May 2012


In the last 5 days there have been up to 5 RED-RUMPED SWALLOW on St Mary's including this stunning shot of one taken on Porth Hellick this evening out of the 4 birds that were present

 I kept getting texts throughout the morning telling me where the 2 RED-RUMPED SWALLOW were bombing around on St Mary's. After picking up Paul Semmons in town we caught up with the 2 birds at Porth Hellick crossroads. There were also an increase with House Martin with at least 35-40 birds in the area with 2 Sand Martin. By evening, hirundines were coming into roost at Porth Hellick and Graham counted 250+Swallow, 60+House Martin, 15 Sand Martin and a record of 4 RED-RUMPED SWALLOW!

All 4 RR Swallow had full tail streamers, ruling out the individual with a broken tail streamer from last Monday, totalling 5 RED-RUMPED SWALLOW altogether. Bottom Robin Mawer

I had the female Marsh Harrier in the blue skies above Rose Hill, while the immature male was on Samson

Looking from Star Castle yesterday evening

Ebba Forsberg with 'Baby Good Night'

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