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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Stone Curlew at Kittidown

Steve Brayshaw found this Stone Curlew at Kittidown after finding the sixth Subalpine Warbler sp so far this spring on St Agnes two days ago.

  This afternoon I had a single Spotted Flycatcher and Whitethroat at the Telegraph/Porthloo junction and at Carreg Dhu Gardens another Spotted Flycatcher but no sign of the 2 Pied Flycatcher and Garden Warbler we had yesterday. Later on after 15.00, Steve Brayshaw found a Stone Curlew in the small first field at the Mount Todden junction 50 yards towards Kittidown. I just got there in time to see it at the far side of the field then for it to fly off towards the stables and land in a bare soil field. A few of us stuck around and saw 2 Turtle Dove fly over Mount Todden. It wasn't long until Ren relocated them feeding in a field near Cove Vean where they showed very well. Carrying on with work, I picked up some folks from Holy Vales vines and had 2 Spotted Flycatcher.
  In the evening, Jo and I went for a walk around Trenowth and first heard a Serin and then a few minutes later it flew overhead, west towards Telgraph. We also heard a Tree Pipit.

2 Turtle Dove at Carn Vean 

Spotted Flycatcher

Sedge Warbler

This Richard's Pipit was found this morning by Chris and Juliet Moore on the cricket pitch, St Agnes On Bryher, Higgo had single Wood Warbler, pied Flycatcher, Turtle Dove and a singing Nightenagale and back on St Mary's he had a Golden Oroile over Porth Mellon. Mick Scott also had an oriole at Longstone. 

  Yesterday was the day for Golden Oriole with maybe up to ten birds seen split five each on two islands, St Martins and Mary's. I managed to see three of them. The first was a female 'type' that I spotted out over The Roads from Star Castle just before 11.00. Scott Reid found a singing adult male at Trenowth that Jo, Robin and I managed to also hear and see it in flight. We wanted to get better views and entered the fields to where we could hear the oriole from. However, we discovered that we also had a 1st summer male singing and saw it briefly twice in flight. We also had 2 Tree Pipit in the area. Scott thought he could hear two birds ealier on and we confirmed it for him.
  The day before, Jo and I had a Turtle Dove fly over the same fields at Trenowth and I managed to get the Osprey over the quay that was first seen over Annet.

I had this female 'type' Golden Oriole out over The Roads east towards the golf course.

Male Pied Flycatcher

1st summer Pied Flycatcher both birds at Carreg Dhu Gardens

Osprey over the quay two days ago

Cracking Scandinavian Rock Pipit found by Chris and Juliet Moore on St Agnes and only the 8th Scilly record, 3rd May

This male Pied Flycaycher was also on St agnes Chris and Juliet Moore

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