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Thursday, 2 May 2019

2nd SAVI'S WARBLER for Scilly

Paul Stancliffe found the only other record of SAVI'S WARBLER that was also at Porth Hellick in spring 2005 photo by Will Scott

 Where was the place to be today? Where else but Porth Hellick! At 08.45 I was taking some guest up to the airport when Jim put the news out that he trapped a SAVI'S WARBLER at Porth Hick and was releasing it at 09.15. I made it in time to join the small crowd gathered around to see this very rare locustella up close in the hand. Unfortunatly my card for some reason didn't work and I couldn't take any photos. I also saw the last Savi's which sang throughout it's stay and performed very well. I returned to work to hear that the Red-rumped Swallow had been relocated at Carn Friars,

SAVI'S WARBLER all photos by Will Scott

  It wasn't until 18.30 that Jo and I made our ways down to Porth Hellick in the light rain. As we approached the Sussex Hide, a sylvia warbler silhouetted, flew down from the pines into some sallows. I thought it was goin to be a Lesser Whitethroat but got a surprise when it turned out to be a female Subalpine Warbler sp. It went missing but Will Scott relocated in the large pines. Over an hour it spent most of it's time in the pines until Scott Ried arrieved and the warbler flew to the loop trail only for it to return again. We needed to hear it call as this looked an interesting Subalp but in silence it fed activly.

This female Subalpine Warbler was the firth record so far this spring!


Looking from Bants Carn towards The Roads

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