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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Little Bunting at Trenowth

Got a surprise when I found the first May record of Little Bunting for Scilly

 Took Higgo and Jo up to see the Hooded Crow this morning that I relocated yesterday after first being seen on St Agnes the day before. After seeing the Night Heron in flight over Porth Hellick this afternoon, later on in the evening, Jo and I went for a walk around Trenowth. After 30 minutes, all we had seen of note was a Cuckoo but as we were returning the the wagon, a small bird flew up from a field into some Elms in front of us. Putting up my bins I shouted 'Bloody ell, it's a Little Bunting!' It returned to the field to feed just off the track that we were standing on. However, some ten mintes later when others arrived, it just vanished and wasn't seen again although it was getting darker.

Hooded Crow on the golf Course was first found by Chris and Juliet Moore on St Agnes two days ago.

Night Heron over Porth Hellick

At last I got something at least on the Cetti's Warbler

The pair of Coot on the pool have two chicks

Up to 7 Wheatear were seen including this Greenland indervidual

Male Little Bunting

This Lesser Redpoll was feeding with Linnet yesterday at Porth Hellick



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