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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Keep the hunting ban alive

Hounds just about to rip apart a helpless fox. 

Today marks ten years since the hunting ban was brought into force 
10 years on

  Got this email two days ago from LACS. Lets keep this ban alive and support the LACS and not let wild animals suffer in the hands of murderous thugs.
Dear kris,
Today is a very special day, not just for the League, but for many of the animals it seeks to protect. Ten years ago today the Hunting Act came into force, some three months after its original passing, and sought to relegate hunting wild animals for sport to the history books.

Since the 18th February 2005 the Act has established itself as the most successful piece of wild animal welfare legislation, with on average one person a week being prosecuted, and of those almost two thirds are found guilty.

So we have a lot to celebrate, and we should mark the day.  

On behalf of everyone here at the League, I’d like to thank you for all your energy and efforts in our campaigns to expose and end cruel sports. Without people like you we wouldn’t be marking this anniversary today, so thank you kris.
But, of course our work doesn’t stop there. The hunters still call for repeal, stating the Act doesn’t work, and that foxes need controlling. We know this is nonsense, the statistics support the Act and basic fox ecology disputes the need for ‘fox control’. You can help us back the ban and counter these claims by doing the following:
  • Get on social media to spread the #keeptheban message. Retweeting our@LeagueACS tweets is a good way to start
  • Like our page on Facebook, and share our #keeptheban posts
  • Help us expose the myths around foxes by getting involved in our Foxycology events and activities
  • Add a foxy Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile
  • Watch and share our new ‘What if?’ film, which aims to put the viewer in the hunted animals position
  • Read all about our call to build on the success of the Hunting Act, and strengthen it going forward
    There’s a lot to do, but it’s amazing what we can achieve when we all work together. Look what we’ve achieved already. There are six things listed above, and we’d love it if you can do all six. But even if you have time for just one it can, and will, help make a difference, so please take 5 minutes to help #keeptheban and mark an important date.

    Together we can, and do, make a difference for animals.

    Very best wishes,
    Joe Duckworth
    Joe Duckworth
    Chief Executive

    The grisly video below, shows the terrified fox taking refuge under bales of hay for 25 minutes before hunt staff use terriers, sticks and hounds to force it into the open where the pack of dogs bring it down and tear it apart.

    A triumphant huntsman then sounds his hunting horn - the traditional call for a kill when hunting was legal.
    He then picks up the fox carcass and holds it over the hounds so that they can better attack and 'rag' it.
    The shocking clip, filmed at Full Sutton, near York, last December, was handed over to police.
    Huntsman Tim Holt, of Leavening, North Yorkshire, whipper-in Shaun Marles, of Titley, Hertfordshire, terrierman Lee Martin, of Birdsall, North Yorkshire, and amateur terrierman Brian Cuthbertson of Norton, North Yorkshire, all pleaded guilty to hunting a wild mammal with a dog, at York Magistrates Court.
    Holt was fined £200, Marles was fined £100 and Martin was fined £100. All three had to pay a £20 surcharge and £85 in costs.
    Cuthbertson was granted a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

    Tim Bonnar, director of campaigns for the Countryside Alliance, said: 'The Middleton Hunt has accepted that the fox should have been shot in accordance with the exemption rather than killed by hounds.
    'Whilst the Hunting Act remains a ridiculous and illogical law, pleading guilty to minimise the time and money wasted on this case, was the sensible thing to do.'

    Read more:
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    Grisly footage shows blood-thirsty hounds tear fox apart after huntsmen force it from hay bale with sticks during illegal hunt. Banned hunt

    • Investigators say their being caught is unlikely to change their behaviour.
    • Fox hunting has been banned in England and Wales since 2005

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