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Friday, 6 February 2015

Caspian Gull at Colemere

2nd winter Caspian Gull at Colemere 100 miles away!

  Great victory by England! Trench Pool was almost frozen over, but there were still 17 Shoveler present. Mid-afternoon and I arrived at the meres and a quick scan at the gulls on the ice at Colemere, produced a 2nd winter Caspian Gull. However, it flew off towards Woodlane. At the latter site, there was no sign of it at the tip, but on the frozen pools were 19 Shelduck. Otherwise, the other meres were crap! At the Ellemere gull roost, I saw Rob Dowly. He wasn't in the roost with the gulls, he was in his car keeping warm, while I almost froze to death standing outside! I ain't seen him in 100 years! Anyways, he found a Viking Gull, Glaucous x Herring Gull,  but I to go at 17.00 as I was playing football at 18.00 with me old man, who is 71! Is he the oldest football player around? So I went and Rob went and got an adult Yellow-legged Gull. 

Herring Gulls were slipping and sliding on the ice

When I wrote 'slipping and sliding' I was thinking of Neil Young's song 'Are you ready for the Country' but I've been listening to 'Air' today. Air is a music duo from Versailles, France, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît DunckelAir's debut EP, Premiers Symptômes, was followed by the critically acclaimed album Moon Safari, the re-release of Premiers Symptômes, The Virgin Suicides score, and subsequently albums 10000 Hz Legend, Everybody Hertz, Talkie Walkie, Pocket Symphony, Love 2, and Le Voyage Dans La Lune.

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  1. finally a music selection we have in common! Saw them live in Dublin 2002.Graham G